Gardens and Food Banks

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    I don't know if you folks know it or not, but a lot of the Food Banks are hurting. Look in your phone book and some food banks will be listed.

    They will gladly take your excess Zucchini, tomatoes, beans, pumpkins, melons or what ever. Don't throw that excess away or let it rot.

    There are folks out there that have more than one job and still are having a hard time, with fuel prices and food prices being what they are.

    I have extra planted, just for a Local Food bank. In fact the Church that runs it, is going to have their Youth groups help harvest it.

    One of their leaders stopped by and seen what needs to be done over here, as I herniated myself spreading fertilizer. I can't bend over real well, and after I'm cut on, I'll be done. They are going to help see this all comes together.

    Just letting you folks know, We with gardens, have it made.

    Spread your harvest, The Good Lord will appreciate you helping Feed the Needy.