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Discussion in 'Garden Tips And Talk' started by Scott Daw, Aug 29, 2008.

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    OK my garden has been invaded by rabbits so I fenced the whole thing in. Now I went to check on my red bell peppers last nite. I had 7 of them, big & heavy waiting to change colors and what did I find? a rodent ate thru most of them leaving me with 2 whole ones and 2 salvagable halves. The others were to far gone to salvage. and they were missing their seeds too. I'll have to put traps out next year and use tomato cages for them too since they had lay'd over under their weight. I also caught 4 crow raiding my corn patch for the ears I left in for seed for next year. I was saving 6 incase something like this happened and was able to salvage 2 ears. I'd like a bb gun for christmas and I promise not to put my eye out with it... or a window for that matter.

    Speaking of corn going to seed... can you take a fresh picked ear and let it set & have it go to seed or must you leave it on the stalk?
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    To bad, sounds like ya do need a pellet gun. Get yourself a RWS or a Gamo and ya can have rabbit with your veggies. :wink: