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  1. monk

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    south carolina
    are there any gar in the great lakes
  2. RiverKat

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    There are longnose gar in most of the Great Lakes and their tribs. Not sure about Superior, might be a little cold for gar but I would'nt rule that out for sure. No alligator gar in the Great Lakes despite what you might read or see on the web. There was a picture floating around for awhile of a monster gar that was supposedly shot with bowfishing gear out of Port Sheldon in Lake Michigan. Not true. As for the longnose we have plenty of them here on the Grand. The fishing for them picks up around the end of May into June. Sometimes it's hard to get a piece of cutbait past them to the cats. Last year I tried flyfishing for them with rope flys with some success. I plan to do more of it this year. They put up a good fight and their bleached skulls make an interesting conversation piece in my office.