Gar for flathead catfish bait

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Catmaster, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Catmaster

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    SE Kansas
    I have never herd of this because I thought it would be close to impossible to find them small enough, But has anyone used gar for live bait for flatties? If so tell me how u did and how and where u caught gar small enough to use for live bait?
  2. Sinker

    Sinker New Member

    Never heard of using live gar but have used them for cutbait in a pinch without much success. If I catch one he's cutbait too quick for indecision.

  3. flathunter

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    If you try to use gar as cut bait make sure you have some shears, or a saw..I have tried to cut thru them with knifes and they are just to tough.
  4. catter5000

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    Now that you mention it ,I have never seen a gar under about 2ft. long.I know where they spawn in my lake,but I never see the small ones.I never tried them for cut bait.
  5. ersel

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    Haughton Louisiana
    Never tried gar if you do and it works let us know
  6. blackhorse83

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    If they are good for bait that would be, one, thing they are good for:)
  7. NechesBobcat

    NechesBobcat New Member

    I don't see how you would get them to stay alive long enough. They are almost always dead on my lines when I catch them.

    I have seen them in all sizes. I've seen little ones about as long as my finger.
  8. Fry Guy

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    Warrensburg Missouri
    I used gar as cut bait one time on the missouri river. I let it sit out there for like and hour then my pole slowly touched the water. I set the hook and had it on for like five minutes. It was definantly over 50lbs whatever it was. It came up to the top just before my line snapped but it was to dark to see exactly what kind of fish it was but I'm guessing it was probably a gar. Cannibal:)
  9. lawnman61

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    Fort Worth, Tex
    I have used it for my trot lines when I lived in Louisiana and had very good luck with it as cut up bait. I have never tried it live though.
  10. pendog66

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    Brookville OH
    i hope the flathead has a steak knife to cut through that tough meat
  11. Catcaller

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    Don't know about using gar as cut bait...never tried it. One thing that is fantastic bait however is gar eggs. We either get them via bow and arrow, snagging them, or catching them with lures, a piece of live or cut bait, or a piece of shredded burlap will work too. (They bite it and get their teeth caught up in it)

    Aquire your gar however it is that you may do so. Keep in mind if that the gar are already's too late to get the eggs in the form that you need them. You need to get them in pre-spawn when the eggs are still inside the egg sacks. If the eggs are being deposited (spawned)...they're already out of the sacks.

    Also keep in mind that a gar does spawn more than once a year. There will be up to two or three spawning cycles that occur every year....usually beginning when the water temp hits around 65-75 degrees. (Around sometime in April or May in these parts) Typically the spawns are back to back. (Now perhaps you might realize why there are SO damn MANY gar in our waters)

    Take a pair of shears or tinsnips and open up the gars belly...taking care not to rupture the egg sacks.

    Take a sharp knife and cut the sacks at both ends and remove. There will be two sacks inside the gar.

    Take the sacks and set them down inside a cardboard flat or other container. Let them air dry for an hour or two in the sun and wind.

    Then wrap them individually in aluminum foil and place in the freezer.

    When you're ready to use the eggs...just take what you think you'll need to fish with.

    Unwrap the foil...lay the sacks horizontally onto a flat surface...take a sharp knife...and slice them vertically into usable sized chunks. What size you cut them into depends on what size hook you plan on using. I prefer a size #2 treble hook...but any type of hook can be used.

    When placing the chunks on your the hooks through both sides of the egg sack. The sacks are quite durable, and will stay on the hook quite nicely.

    The eggs themselves will stick to the sack...and they also tend to stick together. They will release bit by bit in water...creating a chumming effect....especially in current.

    Be cautious of how hard you cast the will rip and come off the hook easily. (Similar to the way chicken liver will)

    I prefer to simply drop the bait into the current and let it go downstream the easy way....and drift it to where you wish it to be. If you're casting I said before...just do it gently. Lob it...don't zing it wildly.

    When you get a good hard bite...keep in mind that waiting for a run might not be an option, because it will come off the hook easily. When a cat bites's not trying to simply taste means to eat it. I set the hook immediately....and rarely miss fish that way.

    Not many people use gar eggs (Actually spoonbill...or any egg sacks will suffice) for the fish aren't used to seeing them as much as they are other baits such as liver, cut shad, or cut perch.

    I have found that even when catfish won't bite on anything else...they will still bite eggs for the above reason.

    Give gar eggs a try...perhaps you'll find how great of a bait that they truly are.

    If not...that's ok just leaves more fish for those of us who do.
  12. s_man

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    south east ohio
    I've caught small gar in my cast net before, I put one on for bait once cause I couldn't catch enough bait for all the poles. Toughest skin and scales I ever seen, I think it actually dulled my gamma hooks. Used it live but didn't get any hits on it or any of the other baits either. Always wondered if it was due to the awful smell gar have, maybe got onto my other baits that night from the gar slime on my net. Maybe flats don't like the smell of another predator, and shy away from the odor, DANGER. I don't know for sure. Just my thinking.
  13. SangamonCatKiller

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    central illinois
    Ersel, not to pry but, you do know you have a ghost in your avatar, right ?
  14. Bullfoot

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    :sick-big: I have caught gar that have been between 1 and 2 feet long in a river in Kansas. I have never found anything to use them for untill now.. the egg suggestion sounds great and is going to be on my list for one of those leather backed, duck billed, stinking gar!
  15. IamMike

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    Ohio (near cincy)
    I caught a small (8") gar in my seine one time and used it for bait. It died quickly and I cut it up. Later that night, I caught a small shovel on a piece of it.