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Discussion in 'Gar Fishing' started by catman529, Oct 11, 2006.

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    With a cast net I harvest baitfish in the rapid area where they usually swim in schools. After getting a dozen or so I move to the spot where gar sit near the surface in the shade or sun. I use 15lb test line, medium action spinning rod and 2/0 Kahle hooks. Use the baitfish whole or cut into chunks - this is just like catfishing. hook the bait through the middle or the toughest part. If it is whole hook it through the head because they swallow this first. Don't use any sinkers. When you locate a gar within casting distance, chuck that bait out just beyond the gar. Quickly reel the bait, with the rod tip raised, until it is directly in front of the gar. Let it sink slowly. Every time I do this the gar will grab the bait and take off. Let it swim at least 4 min so the gar can swallow the bait. They will swim a distance then stop to eat, swim more, eat more... they do this several times. If they have not at least mostly swallowed the bait then you run the risk of the gar throwing the hook.

    This method has always worked for me. Let me know when you use it and catch gar!

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    i use the same method when when the cat bite is slow exept i take the heads and tails of the shad used for cut bait and basically cum the the water by the boat take my ultra lite reel and hit a gar in the beak with a small piece of shad it will eat it and run in the same manner you said it keeps me awake some nights

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    Good method for small gar, won't work well with big gator gar.