gander mountain gift card??? what to get??

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by crazyKat, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. crazyKat

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    i got a 100 buck card for gander mountain. i never been there. anyone got any suggestions on what a 100 bucks will get me? need a big dipnet, a few new rods, some water proof clothes, anything new out there for 100 bucks that is a must have?????
  2. Catcaller

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    Cant go wrong with a Frabill Big Kahuna Net...although ya might have to add a few bucks to cover the total cost. They're bad to the bone...and they are HUGE!

    Check and see if they have a house brand of gore-tex (Or similar) waterproof/breathable raingear. That stuff is expensive...but $$ can be saved if you'll look into the house brands. (Same goes at Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas)

    An even craftier move...if it is available at that to make a visit to the overstock/discontinued/non-conforming catalog outlet store.

    I have saved BIG bucks at the one at both Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops due to a minor manufacturers defect such as something like a misplaced seam or a tounge that is too short or too long on an otherwise $270 pair of Browning Mountainman gore-tex/1200 gram thinsulate boots that I got for $70.

    I also once got 21 bags of 100 count Berkley Power Worms for $7 a bag simply because the ziploc baggie they came in was damaged to the point that once you opened couldnt be re-sealed.

    Also got a pair of Lacrosse chest waders...normally $260...for $120. And a pair of $300 Red Ball waders for $100.

    Got a St. Croix 7' MH Premier graphite rod for $40 because the tip wasn't straight.

    Got a 4 room...20' x 14' tent...normally $200...for $80 due to last years clearance.

    There's some major bargains to be had at the clearance racks and outlet stores. Ya just gotta hunt for em'. :wink:

    On the least you won't have to shop long to hit the $100 limit...$$ just doesnt go as far as it used to. :sad2:

  3. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    I've only been to one Gander, up by Chicago. They didn't have a very big "Catfish" section.. They did carry DK Punch bait, if your wanting to catch a bunch of Channels... Rain Gear Brian Mentioned always a good purchase..Kahle hooks, Misc lead, swivels, line, etc always handy to have. Best thing to do is go and take a look and see what they got that you need/want :big_smile:

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    100.00 at gander mnt. ya a net and a rod aught about take care of that card. lol. i got a hook proof net at gander mnt. its pretty cool. the coated net keeps hooks from sticking in it and getting stuck. its big enough for 20lb fish easy. $39.00. its great for channels and med size flatheads. its a beckmen. also got my lee lead pot there for pouring sinkers. $49.00. they dont have a ton of catfish stuff in peorias but they carry circles and a few american premier and ugly sticks. you should be able to find something. ya will have fun shopping though. hey its and outdoor store, ya cant go wrong.
  5. Pirate Jerry

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    Yulee Florida
    DUH !!! Go to the friggin store and buy stuff you want !!!! My wife gave me a $500.00 gift cert to Gander, I'm going there tomorrow and ain't coming back till it's GONE !!! I might end up owning the worlds first Kayak with autopilot !!!:smile2::smile2::smile2:
  6. Wabash River Bear

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    Oh my, the almighty Gander Gift Card, sought after by many and possesed by few. This is a big decision that with it holds great responsibility. Many outdoorsmen have been in your shoes and many have suffered for it, succombing to P.S.J. ( pre shopping jitters) and P.T.G.C.S.S. (post tramatic gift card stress syndrome). This hazardous situation should not be taken lightly. I do have good news, I can help you. Put on some rubber gloves and some dark sunglasses, "Do not touch the card with your bare skin or look at it with the naked eye". Now carefully place the card into an envelope and seal it to protect you from its power. Now address the envelope to Wabash River Bear, Terre Haute, In. and shove it into a mailbox (with proper postage) as soon as possible. I'll handle it from there,,, you see, I'm a profesional trained and equipt to handle these kinds of situations. :wink: Trust me! You'll feel better,,,,and so will I!:smile2: