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    The Carolina Catfish Club had the privilege of having Wildlife Officer Steve Bullins as our speaker at our March 2009 meeting. Steve covered a lot of information in his two hour presentation, but what got the interest of the cat fishermen there was which game fish can/could be used for cat fishing (bait) and how you would know if the law is applicable to the county that you are fishing in.

    Bass, striper's, bream/blue gills, white perch, crappie, etc. are all listed as game fish in the North Carolina Regulations Digest (7-1-08 to 6-30-09). If a game fish has a size limit and a daily creel limit then there is a special rule for them, but if a game fish does not have a size and daily creel limit for the county you are fishing in, then you can use them anyway you see fit as long as it is with a hook and line/cane pole or rod and reel. But, all game fish have to be caught with a hook and line, not via other means, such as traps, nets, etc. Striper's, bass and crappie do have a size and daily creel limit, thus we have to follow all the rules for game fish on LKN. If you have two undersized bass and you want to use them for bait, you can as long as you retain the caress in-tack per the Reg's. Regulations for warmwater game fish can be found on pages 18 thru 20 of said regulation digest. The Wildlife Officer has to be able to identify the game fish for what it is, when he inspect it.

    Take sunfish (bream/blue gills) for example, they do not have a size of daily creel limit on none of the counties that join Lake Norman, so that means that you can use the whole fish, same applies to the white perch. But striper's, bass and crappie do have a size and daily creel limit and thus if you use them for bait, you can not separate the head from the tail (head and tail must remain intact with the backbone) and you must retain this caress while you are on the waters of LKN fishing. Again, let me remind you that all game fish have to be caught by a hook and line, not by a trap, net of other means of capturing the game fish. Wildlife Officers do check for hook marks in the mouth of game fish.

    Each year all new laws or revision are depicted in red lettering.

    Rules and regulation for non game fish can be found on pages 27 thru 31 and they can be different in adjoining counties, so you should read these to see what applies to the county you are fishing in.

    If you don't have a valid fishing license and life jacket you will get a ticket, if you are fishing in a boat or a valid fishing license if you are fishing from the shore.

    Those fishing the Tar River, Cape Fear, Nuese, Waccamaw River, Lumber, Haw River and a lot of the rivers down East should read page 19 as it relates to sunfish.

    If someone has a question relating to this subject, ask and I or another CCC member will try to answer it or get the information for you from the Reg's or from a Wildlife Officer.
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    flatheads love crappie.......well actually i havent seen a fish they will not eat.....mack