Gamagatsu hooks for flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by slikk03, Jul 15, 2007.

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    i think both the gamagatso octo circal and the oct staight are the best , me and my uncle compaird them to the daiche hooks, and we found the gammas are sharper i recomend 6/0 7 or 8/0 in both circal and straights i fish one poll with circal and one with straight this is what i foud out with the staghts its easyer to hook them but u chance them geeting of with circals its harder toget a hookup but when there on there on , and rarely come off
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    Walter Flack
    I have caught many of flatheads on the Gamakatsu 8/0 Octopus circles, but have also had good hookups with the Daiichi 7/0 Circle Chunk Light hooks also. Both are very good in my opinion

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    I used to use gammys but it got too expensive.

    I went with Eagle King Kahles, 50 for $6.00!
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    I too have experimented with tons of hooks. i found booth gammies and Dia's good. personaly i have found the lighter sport circle hooks made by VMC the best. unfortunatly they only come in a max size of 6/0 but that is enough. I absolutly wont use those super thick circles made for tuna fishing. i have spent way way tooo many hours trying to get those to work. if your going to use them get the big ones say 12/0 or larger and they must be razor sharp to even have a chance at setting. what i like about the vmcs is that the hook is thin enough that with allitle sharpening they set themselfs. during typical active months the sport circles will set themselfs, i have had many many days were we get allmost every bite. The only time i would even consider using the kahles or other straight hooks is durring cold water when they just dont move, and you are forced to set a hook on a fish that is just sitting under you. otherwise my feelings are that they tend to drop the straight hooks.
    oh last thoughts......
    the light vmc(cabelas) are good for average water flow situations. if you are battling big flatties in very high water flows then you may be forced to use the heavier ocean style hooks for pulling strength.