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    I was fishing on christmas eve on our lake, it was cold and damp, so my mom made me come in. Before I did I threw my line in our lake and brought my rod up on the back deck and sat it behind the rail. About 10:00 pm I heard a big thump and went out and my rod was going over the rail. My fishing line was stripped. I grabbed the rod and yelled for my mom. I walked it down to the lake [ about 75 yards ] reeling in at the same time. I knew I had something big, when it pulled out I'd let off the drag. I was using 35lb test line. I fought it for about 30min. When I got it to the bank I couldn't believe how big it was. I had to get my brother to help me get it out of the lake. I used "chile w/ jalapenos, manwich sauce, red kidney beans and catfishbait. I stuffed it in one of mom's pantyhose [ which she wasn't to happy about ]:smile2: Turned out to be a 75lb bluecat and the new GA state record. Was in AJC, in Atlanta, Lonestaroutdoornews, Chattanoogan, Effingham Herald, did a radio talk interview in Nenwan, GA. I received the angler award and the state record award from DNR, was in GON met a lot of neat people online. It's been a big deal where I live. It was caught in an 18-acre private lake, very rare here. Took DNR about 6-months of research to determine it grew up in our lake. They did a great job. I'm 15-years old and have been fishing since i was 2 thanks to my MOM.

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