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    The Georgia Outdoor News (GON) keeps the list of biggest fish caught on 37 different GA lakes and rivers. According to last years list; Allatoona, Bartlett's Ferry, Carter's, Chatuge, Goat Rock, Jackson, Juliette, Lanier, Oliver, Rabun, Russell, Seed, Seminole, Sinclair, Tobesofkee, and Tugaloo Lakes all have NO catfish records of any species. GON doesn't have the list online because they say it changes too often. They publish it once a year in their February issue. To sumbit a fish, it must be weighed on certified scales and the species verified by a fisheries biologist. The easiest way to do this is to take the fish to your regional DNR fisheries office (they usually have certified scales and a biologist, call and check). Most people don't want to kill big fish, but you can keep them alive for release if you choose. I put a 100 gal. stock tank in the back of my truck and filled it about half way with river water using a 5 gal. bucket. I ran an aerator in the tank to keep the fish alive until I could get it to the Calhoun DNR office. I have done this several times with fish myself, my brother, or my dad have caught and all of these fish were certified and returned to the river alive. If you catch a 10 lb. channel or a 20 lb. blue or flat from those lakes then you could have the record for that lake. You can call GON at 1-800-438-4663 if you have questions (and see if they'll put the list online), or post here and I'll try to answer myself. Let's get some more big cats on that list.