Future of Busch series?

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  1. smokey

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    with 2007 being the last year for the Busch series of NASCAR what changes do you see comming to NASCAR in the next 5 years?

    1 I see the limited number of cup racers in BUSCH races.

    2 I see a limited number of races a cup driver can drive in Busch

    3 I see the busch series being dropped and two leauges being made up of busch and cup drivers. {NASCAR NORTH, NASCAR SOUTH}

    4 I see owners being in one series or the other, but not both.

    what do you think will happen to the Busch series? and what do you think of the 4 things that I have listed? This is just somthing to think about. smokey
  2. Gordhawk

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    I don't believe 2007 is going to be the last year of the Busch series. I think 2007 is the last year that Anheuser Busch is going to sponsor the Busch series. I may be wrong,but I believe there are 2 or 3 other companies that are strongly considering picking up the sponsorship for the series. I guess time will tell what's going to happen. I personally would like to see the Busch series be for Busch series drivers only. Some of these Busch series teams are struggling financially enough the way it is without the Buschwackers coming in and dominating the series. I always thought the Busch series was intended to be for up and coming drivers,trying to work their way in to Nextel Cup.

  3. WylieCat

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    Not really the end of the series as much as the end of the Busch sponsorship.

    I would love to say that not allowing Nextel Cup drivers in the Busch series would help, but it would not. Ratings are up and so is attendance everytime the big boys race. Though the cars are very different, it is seat time that many of the drivers like. There are also a lot of sponsors what want to be associated with a winner but don't have the money to be the title sponsor on a cup car.

    The truth is that the series needs Nextel Cup drivers either driving or owning the teams that drive there. It brings in the ad dollars that keep everything afloat.

    Maybe ESPN covering the races will help. NOT!
  4. reddcat

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    horse hockey , through the whole united states in the local nascar divisions the upper class drivers are not allowed to drop down a class and compete in the next lower class. If the cup drivers were not allowed to raid the bush cookie jar there would be 15 or 20 other bush teams out there . It just dont make common sence the high dollar teams stealing a purse and getting a leg up on the other already lesser teams for the cup race
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    I think that the cup drivers should stay cup only unless they loose their ride. I know that it might bring fans to the Busch races because of the cup drivers being there but I think NASCAR could do a lot more to increase the fans at those races without the cup drivers racing. Lower the price of tickets a lot would fill more seats. Lower price teams would bring in more sponsors also. Let the fans have more access to the drivers at the track could build stronger fan base for them (open pit pass or garage pass). I look at it like this...take major league baseball, what if you have a home town AA team that does all right each year. The NY Yankees decide they are going to play in their league as well as the majors. Yea the stands would be filled to see the big stars and they would have more media coverage and all but after winning most of the games they played against a AA team the game would no longer be fun to watch. That's just my take on it.
  6. Ictalurus Punctatus

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    Well Smokey,

    I can sort of agree with your first two points. I think a lot of defining would need to be done by NASCAR ie. how many races does a driver need to run in before he/she is considered a "Busch" or "Nextel" driver. One? Starting the season in one or the other? etc... Another thing to consider is would it be legal to discriminate against a Nextel cup driver because he/she is a Nextel cup driver? I'm not a lawyer, but I think there's some food for thought there. That's not usually a problem in pro sports becuase of the pay scale. If Derrick Jeeter could make millions playing for the Biloxi Mudcats, then I think there's an outside possibility of seeing the Yankees (not the team, but the players) on a AA ballfield.

    The owners will continue to run cars in both series. Not for the research and development of their racing program. But for the development of thier young drivers. IMO Randy LaJoie was the last career Busch Series driver we will ever see. Everyone, now is either headed for Nextel Cup, or coming back from Nextel to be a mentor to some young gun who's on his/her way to Nextel Cup.

  7. tufffish

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    i hope they do not split into two series. look at what happened to the indy series when the went indy racing league and champ car series. no fans at either one and not enough cars to have a good show. they have races where there are only 16 cars entered. i do not think a guy should be able to drop down to the busch series after he has 5 years in cup racing. i understand the younger guys needing the seat time racing. if the tickets were a little cheaper i think they would double the attendance. in ft. worth there are thousands of people in the parking lot on saturday and do not go to the busch race because they have already spent several hundred on cup tickets and it is to much to buy more tickets for saturday.