Fur auction yesterday

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by on_the_fly, Feb 25, 2007.

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    any of you go to the fur auction yesterday in elizabethtown KY yesterday? It was my first time an man did I learn alot, I didnt take anything but just went to watch. there was alot of trappers there and only 12 buyers but they were shure buying it up. not much money in anything but otter and cats the otter went through on an avarage of 60 bucks a pop and cat were just under.and beaver were running in the low 30's, yotes and fox were running 10 to 17 a pop, and coon the best I seen was 12.50 for 9. and I realy didnt pay any attintion to the rats and squrile. I spent alot of time speaking with a man named Jim Hall. he has been trapping for fourty years man he realy was helpfull and I ended up buying a few new things there, snares to try with a different lock and a few tool to put in the ATV box for the trail sets. If your new to trapping too like myself I recomend you find one of these to go to you will learn more from conversation in that day than weeks or more of reading and serching.
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    Thanks for the quotes. I will sale next weekend I hope. All the fur sold was put up I assume.