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Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by unclebuncle, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Several years ago when I had been catching a lot of big crappie at the river my mom got interested and asked if I would take her.Well naturally I did.Now mom only had one way of fishing and nothing would change that.She had a zebco 33 classic and used a treble hook with a worm and catfish charlie over that.Anyway we get to the river and I tried to put a jig on her line like I was using.No way she baited up in her normal way but this time put on a big round bobber instead of fishing bottom.I said mom crappie dont bite on catfish charlie.Dont matter this is her way and nothing will change her mind.She casted out and started reeling slowly back in and said she was trolling.Wham she lands about a 2 pound crappie.To make a long story short she caught one after the other and I didnt catch any.Now I know crappie wont hit catfish charlie and worms but I never tried to tell her again.She on the other hand never missed a chance to rub it in.I miss my mom.:smile2:
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    :smile2:She had every right to rub it in. Her proof was in the catching. Enjoyed the story. You never know what meal a fish will fancy on a given day.

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    Great story. Always remember that momma knows best. Thanks
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    That's funny, Thx.. Same thing happened with my Sweetie,, she tears the fishin' up,,
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    Don't you boys know by now "mom" is always right. Or at least I say 99.9 % of the time. LOL. At least, as a mom, I feel I am right most of the time.

    Mom's and grandma's are awesome it was my grandmother who taught me to fish. She passed when I was 15. In turn I now teach my girls (ages 8 and 11) to fish.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    It reminds me of my 1st time on a pontoon boat fishing. My husband, his brother and his brothers co-worker. Fishing for crappie. I slayed em. They were trying everything to catch those fish. They had nothing on me lol. I would just keep casting and gigling as I realed em in. The co-worker well he was not doing so well and we stayed out there as long as we could. We vowed not to go in until he at least caught something. Finally he caught a blue gill not more than an inch or so big LOL!

    It's an experience I'll never forget.