Funny Story while Fishing.

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    When I was younger (quite a bit younger) I used to mainly bass fish. All I had to fish out of at the time was one of those little two man bass scamps with a trolling motor. It was great though and I caught alot of nice bass out of it.

    We used to live close to Millwood Lake and I fished it as often as I could. One morning I launched my little scamp at Bullfrog Landing at Jack's Isle. I motored out the channel to the river and went up river to Mud Lake to fish. I fish hard all day and didn't catch but one or two fish that day. I finally decided to head back and as I was traveling down river I noticed a big bass boat trolling along. I kept watching this fellow trying to see what he was doing in the middle of the river and what he was fishing for and with. As I approached him I noticed he wasn't fishing at all but just running his trolling motor and it wasn't moving very fast at all. I pulled up beside him and asked if he was having trouble and he said his big motor went out and that his trolling motor battery was about drained. So I threw him a rope and towed him back to the landing with my little scamp.

    I think the guy was a little embarassed getting pulled back by my little scamp but it got him there. :smile2: