Funny stories about your fishing Buddy

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by silverbell, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I am sure most of us have a favorite fishing buddy we like to fish with. I am also sure some funny things have happened to him/her while fishing.

    Well here is my most recent funny fishing buddy story.

    We were out at a local lake on a tiny boat and he was telling me how this fish hit his line and almost yanked his arm out of the socket. In the process of telling me this he is sitting on the seat at the front of the boat and raising his arms in the air wildly. Well he lost his balance and fell between the seat and the bow of the boat. HE WAS STUCK! and could not getup. Picture this..... A grown man with his legs in the air and his rear stuck in a 2 foot area. I was laughing so hard I nearly passed out. After a few minutes he was finally able to free him self. And no I never did try and help him get up
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    my brother in law (kids uncle) goes with us most of the time.
    we were at a local park and i caught a large softshell toitle
    after getting the think unhooked i left it on the ground on its back to see how long it would take it to flip over and get back in the lake.
    well it didnt take too long LOL
    that thing flipped over spun around and practically flew back towards the
    water directly under fernandos legs/chair we yelled LOOKOUT and he seen that thing barreling down at him he yelped and jumped up it knocked his chair over and his soda we were laughing our heads off it was funny looking and happened so quick .
    i guess its one of those things you had to be there to get the jist of how comical it was.:rolleyes: