Funny night .

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    Went out for a few hours yesterday evening at Washington county lake . Was back at the north part of the lake fishing a cove . We had caught a few channels on some sonnies and cut bluegill . It was a few minutes past dark when we heard some rustling around on the bank to the west of us . So I hit it with the spot light and there stood two fellas looking at us , one yelled you catching any ? I yelled back not really just a few small ones . Now there is no camp sites or access areas to the lake back where we was and they was not fishing . I cut the light and told my son in law they must be out here harvesting some pot plants cause I could think of no other reason .
    Well not 15 minutes later we here some splashing around coming from the mouth of the cove . I fire up the trusty spot light and there is a guy in a yellow and black Kayak he yells you doing any good . I yell no .. He paddles on past . Well now my son in law is freaked out and I am laughing at him and messing with him , talking bout the movie deliverance and him catching the swine the wrong way ....lmao . I asure him I wont let them get him and he should just fish . I wasnt worried as I thought I knew what they was probably up to , and I had my 44 mag. with me . Well after a few minutes my phone rings and its my wife and daughter telling me to get out of there and bring my butt home now !!!!! Turned out the chicken text my daughter and told what was goibg on . So me being the ahole I am I said ok and hung up . I told my son in law , hey watch this and told him not to shit himself .
    I yelled out a loud "OH SHIT BIGFOOT" and fired off 5 rounds out of the 44 straight into the lake and fired the boat up a ripped out of there like a mad man ......lmao

    It was some funny stuff listening to the son in law tell the story when we got home . I just wish I could have seen the guys out there messing arounds faces .
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    lol!!! That was a good story:wink:

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    Hahaha, oh man. I bet those guys high-tailed it out of there; I wish I could have seen them run! :smile2::smile2::smile2: