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    i just though would like this story from my youth

    when i was younger, late teens i got my first boat :big_smile: finally i got to go fishing on the water, not standing on the bank trying to hit the middle. well i found a twig sticking up from the water , no chance fish would be around it but what the heck , the bobber never settled on the surface , a big crappie, another cast another crappie this went on for about 2hrs boy i was proud of myself, this was the best fishing trip ever !! well totally out of bait and just about out of daylight i decided it was time to head back, on the way i seen a boat broke down in the middle of the lake with two fellows on board, i went on by. afraid to stop, they were alot bigger than me. the little voice inside my head said what if it were you so i went back and it turned out they had run out of gas so i offered to take them to the landing and get them some gas. to make a long story short i towed them to a friends of theres dock , tied up the boat and they hopped in my boat and i took them back to the landing, when we arrived a sc game warden met us at the ramp and asked to look at my fish. i said sure , i was proud. until he said the limit was 30 . i had 89 crappie and one bluegill. the fellows in the boat never said a word " WE" had our limit exactly" THE THREE OF US" that is i guess a good deed saved me from going to jail that day . god works in funny ways sometimes, i'll always feel that was fate. now i check for the size and creel limits on every lake i fish i guess i was just young and dumb
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    Great story. Id say you were lucky on that trip.

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    Thanks for a great story.. You went from just a fisherman to a Sportsman all in one day. A good deed also retuns a profit to you. WTG.
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    that is funny but I find the saying "no good deed goes un-punished" is true for me. I think a good deed black cloud follows me around. don't worry, I'll still do the deed but I know I'll pay before it's over. Had I done that it would have been Jeffery Dalmer and Ted Bundy stealing a boat and they brought a pound of cocain on my boat. then lets go see the game warden.:big_smile: oh well, momma rasied me to be nice, couldnt change it if I tried.
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    that is a great story, thanks for sharing.
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    that's cool really cool. thanks for sharing that.
    One clue i can give you when crappie fishing is when you catch the first one take a length of line like 2lb test and a needle and a small balloon. thread the line and put it through the crappies jaw and attach the balloon to it inflated, then release the fish he will go right back to the school and you can set up right at the balloon and slay the snot out of them, when you're done just grab the balloon and release the crappie, or keep him.
    That's like having a mole spy inside an organization and it does result in multitudes more fish than you could ever believe!!
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    GREAT story! Mickey hit the nail on the head!

    GREAT tip, Greg! It won't let me rep ya again so soon, or I would.

    Bill in SC