funny carbon arrow story

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    Several years ago I could see the hand writing on the wall. All my friends
    had bought new Parker bows and were shooting very fast and they were
    using a 50 yd. pin. I shoot a 31& 1/2 arrow at 75 lb. draw. 2514 alum.
    they looked like logs compared to their carbon arrows.My old Point Blank
    shot hard but after 28 yds it dropped like a rock using the keller pendulum.
    I could not afford a new bow, so I decided to go to carbon arrows. I bought
    1 doz. carbon arrows, thinking I would practice with six and hunt with six.
    My son was practicing with me some so we went together and bought six
    box targets.We put up a lock-on stand in a big pine about 25' up, and used
    a ladder to get in the stand. When he was shooting everything went great.
    One in the stand shooting the other fetching arrows. We meausured from
    the tree and had targets at different ranges and angles one even behind
    the tree so you could practice having to shoot around the tree. One evening
    my son had to work late so I was shooting alone. I got tried of climbing
    up and down that ladder after six shots so I decided to use all 12 of my
    arrows. I failed to tell you our range was in my pasture where I had about
    15 nanny goats. This one evening the goats seeing me in the tree decided
    they would check things out. When they came around at first I hollered at
    them trying to scare them away. If any of you have goats you know they
    seldom do what you want them to. Then I thought a large nanny is about
    the same size as a large doe, and the yearling nannys were close to the
    size of a yearling doe. I can watch the goats at different marked ranges
    and this might help me get my eye back for judging distances. Things
    went good for awhile. I would shoot and watch the goats at different
    distances. I was wearing the 35 yd target out had shot all my arrows
    and was watching the goats graze and enjoying the last light of day
    sitting in my stand almost ready to call it quits. This big nanny I called
    the boss bitch because of the way she treated the others walked up to
    the 35 yd target that had my new dozen carbon arrows in it and started
    biting the fletchings. I hollered at her and she raked her horns across
    the shaft and broke my arrow. She must have thought that was fun
    because she looked at me and then she broke another one. I started
    down the ladder as fast as I could hearing my arrows snapping off as I
    ran. When I got to my target all my carbon arrows were broken, laying
    at the bottom of the target looking like crossbow bolts. The boss bitch
    just stood there looking at me with this how do you like that fat boy look
    on her face and then turned and trotted toward the goat shed all the others
    trotting behind her. At this point she best be glad I didn't have any arrows.
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    Lost Wages
    Mutton, Mutton, Mutton. :wink:

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    Hey, sorry about the arrows, but were you out of bullets too?

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    That's why you should alway's have a swiss army knife at hand lol you could of sawed a branch witteled a arrow and shot ol nanny goat bbbaaaaaaa bbbaaaaaaa lol
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    Might I suggest a little lemon pepper, and a slight sprinkling of garlic, and onion powder. lol
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    Better purchase some more arrows and do a little goat hunting. LOL! Never ate goat before, but goat milk makes the best pudding you can eat!! Goats Steaks? hum!:eek:oooh: