Funny but true story

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    A difficult and dangerous situation..... but it must have looked funny!

    A runaway fishing boat gave emergency rescue workers the runaround for nearly an hour on Lake Dunstan on Monday. The out-of-control outboard raced around in circles for more than 40 minutes as the Clyde rescue boat attemted to bring it under control. A fire service member who tried to jump into the empty boat slipped and fell into the lake before another member successfully clambered aboard and brought the vessel under control. A 57-year-old Dunedin man was trout fishing alone on the 3.6m aluminum boat about 400 m upstream from the Clyde Power Station when he fell into the lake shortly after 8:30 A.M. A witness, Rex Parkin of Alexandra, said the man appeared to hook his throttle when casting. " He stood up to cast, and the next thing the boat is racing off and he's in the water. It just shot out from under him at full throttle.
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    That's Both Funny & Serious, I'm Glad He Didn't Get Hurt. It's The Law Here That You Must Be Hooked Up To Your Kill Switch Via A Lanyard Cord, In The Event Something Like That Would Occur. Too Many People have Had Similar Experiences & The Boat Wound Up Running Them Over & The Propeller Got Them.:sad2: