Fun times on the Potomac in the Rain!

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    Last saturday my cousin and I got the urge to go camping and fishing. So we loaded up and left out in a hurry. We went down to my favorite spot on the river and waded out to an island in the middle. Water was pretty low at the time, anywhere from 2 to 6 feet.

    The weather was pleasant - warm, partly cloudly with a nice breeze. We set up camp on the island and cooked lunch, did some fishing. He was bass fishing and I was bait fishing. The water was really muddy from recent rain and not much was biting. I did manage to catch a bit of bait, and my cousin had no luck on the bass.

    Then the rain started.. it was pretty warm out and lunch was already done so we just relaxed and got wet. A few tstorms passed by that kept us from fishing - then the torrential downpours started. Campsite turned wet and muddy and full of puddles, the tent had standing water in it. We chalked it up to adventure and just kept fishing and having fun. Waded out to the sandbar and kept fishing!

    After about 5 hours of bass fishing with no luck, my cousin gave up on that and set his pole down. I picked it up and hooked a 10 inch smallmouth 3 casts later which had him cussing me good. He turned around and caught a catfish on my pole using my bait while I was enjoying leftovers from lunch though - so all's fair I suppose :)

    Finally we decided to hit the sack, cold, wet, covered in mud and being bitten to death by bugs. I ended up sleeping in a puddle in the tent, with a wet sheet, wet clothes and a wet pillow. It kept raining on and off all night - but even when it wasnt raining, the water kept dripping off the trees - providing a slow but constant drip drip drip on me :p

    I tell you buddies, that was a long, cold night!

    By morning the rain had picked back up with vengeance. We decided to just abandon camp with the expensive essentials, and head back the next day after the rain stopped.

    That was sunday morning. The rain didn't stop till wensday morning. Weather reported 13-15 inches fallen here and even more upstream from us.

    I had pretty poor hopes for retrieving my stuff! After the river crested today we walked down to our crossing spot to have a look. The river is up around 15 feet from my estimation. Fortunately, it's about a foot or two shy of my tent on the other side! So looks like i'll get my stuff back once it calms down in a week or so, probably have some stuff ruined by mold, but hey :D

    So, the moral of the story is - rain or not go back and pick up your stuff, and check the dang weather before you go, and most importantly - enjoy yourself even if your trip isn't perfect!

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    Absolutely wonderful adventure...had some like that myself. We are all just glad you are HOME SAFE AND SOUND!!