Fun Filled Day on Lake Wateree

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    I got a call from BOC member Marty Green earlier in the week inviting me to come fish with him on Lake Wateree on Saturday the 26. I told him I would love to if only I could bring my son (Jaybird) along. Marty said great he would love to have him. We met at Wateree Creek Landing at 6:00 am to find that Marty had went out of his way to find a PFD to fit Jaybird , not knowing if we would bring one of our own. The morning weather was beautiful, comfortable temperature and just a slight ripple on the surface. We started the day of anchored with a steady bite of 2 to 3lb Blues & Channels. Jay bird was getting uneasy as he was unable to cast the bait casters that Marty & Myself were using, so Marty dug out a Zebco 33 and gave it to Jay to use , He was set then to cast at will. Jaybird was so impressed with Marty’s pontoon I believe he had to touch every thing. My son questioned Marty at every turn & Marty was eager to explain. As there was no water flowing we decided to try a little drifting. And as it happens so often just as you set up to drift the wind decides to go crazy, first one direction & then another. The 2 to 3lb bite continued with a couple of 5lbers. A few times we even had doubles on . Marty was able to set the hook into and land one that would weigh between 10 & 12 lbs. A storm started brew so as the lightning in the distance started to move closer we decided to wrap it up. The rain started to fall just as we neared the ramp. I took 14 of the smaller cats home to fillet but the rest were released alive and well. Marty seemed discouraged that we had not got on to any real trophy fish but the trip was so enjoyable in many other accounts. The stories we shared of fishing past & present. And the excitement of young Jaybird as the non stop action of bites and bent rods. I got to know a lot more about Marty that only can come from a day of fishing can give a person. A great fun day of fishing with a great fun new friend. I hope to soon be able to treat Marty to the same hospitality he showed me and my son on Wateree.
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    What part of the lake were y'all fishin?

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    JD,I appreciate the kind words,it was good day on the water for sure,you and Jaybird are welcome to come up anytime and climb aboard,Jaybird is a little pistol for sure,we definately did not get bored at all,the big bite just wasnt there for us for some reason,i know there were some nice ones caught throughout the day by some guys as we seen througout the day and then back at the landing,I know I enjoyed all the good conversation and learned a few things myself to put to future use.look foward to doing it again soon.

    We were fishing the river section of Cedar Creek and Drifting down lake a bit from Wateree creek to Taylor Creek.
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    Pat Chaney
    You're a good man, Marty :big_smile:
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    Good to hear y'all had fun.
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    Sounds like ya'll had a great time. Thats what its all about. If every youngster could expierience that a couple of times I truley believe the future of society would be a lot brighter. Keep up the good work!
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    Glad yall had a great time and got to get together.
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    Sounds like a wonderful day. If nothing else Jaybird had fun and thats what really counts.
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    Sounds like a great day fishing, thanks for sharing!