Full moon, to fish next day or do something else

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    The late and great Ted Williams of baseball and fishing fame had this to say "never fish under a full moon and don't fish on weekends". Based on what I've read and heard from others about Ted, he was a great fisherman. Overall, my experience has been that cats and other fish feed at night under a full moon and don't seem to be as active the next day. Let me know your experience under the full moon, next day fishing, good or bad. Thanks
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    That 3 days before and 3 days after a full moon is the best time to fish! I have never really done a whole bunch of night fishing due to my husband's health but hopefully this season will be different. I am still on my quest for my first "Beast"!!:smile2:

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    mac i will start out by saying the two best nights i ever had fishing for flatheads one night and blues another was on a full moon. ijust finished looking at all the post from this month at badin and tillery and it looks like the week after the full moon was roll call on the big fish. tomahawk slayed them at badin on the 9th, i slayed them on the 10th and the 11th which i forgot to post and turfman got big blues on the 12th which he posted as the 11th. full moon for jan. was december 30 to jan 6. there was some nice fish lost under the full moon by cmj, myself and maybe some others but the fishing wasnt as good for big fish from the post. now the week after may have been good becuase of the rain and there was flood gate action going on at both lakes. to me its just a another day on the lake when they bite or dont bite no matter what the moon is. too many other factors but i still perfer not to fish the full moon.....lol.
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    I once thought it had an effect on fishing, but now I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong I still look at the weather, barometer, temp., water temp., etc... However I think fish eat when ever they get the chance to or when they are hungry when things are good. I've sat over a school of stripers and couldn't even get a hit(full moon), moved down river to another school and get hits and fish. Catfish are much the same, one favorite spot has fish but no bites, move to the other spot and immediately catch fish with all the same bait. Sometimes it's like a switch was either turned on or off. I don't keep fishing logs like I should, but I am interested in hearing what other peoples experiences have been like. Jim
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    My journals are conclusive at being inconclusive on the lunar phases.

    I have caught them good during every phase.

    Generally daytime fishing during the bright lunar phase is bad for me, but the night fishing under the bright moon has not been that much better. Generally, a week after the full moon week is better for daylight fishing for me than the full moon week.

    The biggest thing is time of day. Generally there are better times of the day to fish depending on the season. I try to time this more than the moon.
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    Full moon doesn't seem to work well for me, at least for catfish. I don't know if it changes their patterns, or what. I know some who swear by it, and others that like a dark moon. All I know is, I go fishing when I can, no matter what. :lol:
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    I go fishin whenever I can also but I will have to say that just about every blue and flathead that I've caught over 40 lbs has come with in a few days before or after the full moon.
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    Dieter, Do you write in a journal or do you have the computer software? I have a GPS that supposedly indicates the best days to hunt/fish. Does anyone know if the moon phase has anything to do with this?