Full Moon for Bass?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Catbird, Aug 19, 2005.

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    I went out fishing on a local state lake last night. The only bait I took was nightcrawlers. My plans were to castnet some shad and catch a few bluegills on hook & line. I was then going jug (noodle) fishing. The shad were nowhere to be found and neither were the bluegill. They must be out in deeper water with this heat. I did manage to hook a 2# largemouth bass. Needless to say, he was cut up for bait. It was a full moon and with what I have read on here I didn't think I would catch anything anyway. I did catch a 3# channel and an 8# flathead on cut bass. Has anyone else had an luck using cut bass? Maybe it just had something to do with the full moon...lol
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    Moline ILL.
    I heard there was a national hit list for anyone using Ba$$ as bait. Goofy things happen during a full moon. Since it is full I was hoping to catch the late spawning Bluegills doing their thing and get enough this afternoon to bait my bank poles. Schoe

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    Don't let the warden find you using bass as bait.
    On the other hand, I've caught some small little uns in my cast net before and used them whole. They worked okay, but not as good as shad
  4. All states are different! Remember to check your regs when you not sure of somethining you could get in trouble. Couple channels ain't worth not being able to fish for the rest of the year or somthing like that...

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    I have checked with the DNR here (Ohio) and game fish can be used as bait as long as there are caught legally (hook & line). In the case of bass...they have to be above the minimum size for where you are fishing.

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    That's the best news I've heard in awhile!!!!!!!!!!! Bass being used for bait!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! If you can't tell I'm not much of a fan of largemouth trash. LOL!!!!!!!!!! They're fun to catch, but I'm a catman dang it. LOL!!!!!!!! God bless.
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    i've caught a couple nice flatheads on whole live smallmouth bass!
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    Everybody has their faults...and I'll admit mine...I do occasionally enjoy going bass fishing...but catfishing is my passion, as well as being my roots. I have an 8 lb 4 oz largemouth at the taxidermist as we speak...as well as two already on my wall...one 7 lb 2 oz, and the other 7 lb 14 oz. We dont have a whole lot of really big bass around these parts of Kansas and those are good fish here. I have and do still use smaller bass as cut bait during times when I'm hard up for bait. I have done as well on cut bass as I have done with any other type of fish I have used as cut bait. The best fish I have found that works in a pinch as cut bait is trout. There is a strip pit here in southeast Kansas that is stocked by the state of kansas with rainbow and brown trout...and the current state record channel cat was caught out of that pit on cut trout...36 1/2 lb. (Not by me...as much as I wish that it was! ) Which by the way is still alive and swimming in the aquarium at the Cabela's in Kansas City, Kansas. A trout is slimy and oily in texture...similar to a shad. A buddy of mine I was fishing with one night in another one of the strip pits here was using cut bass when we had a really good night fishing for channel and ran out of chicken liver...and he caught a 20 lb channel on a bass head with the entrails still hanging out of it. We both limited out with 10 channel apiece ranging from 3 lb up to his 20 pounder....so it definately does work.
    By the way...here in Kansas it is legal to use any fish or critter for that matter that is taken by legal means. With bass, trout, walleye, or crappie that means caught on hook and line....and are of legal size...and as long as the daily creel limits are observed. The trout and crappie have no minimum length limit...the walleye must be over 18" (Which I would not waste as bait because they are in my opinion the best eating fish there is)...the bass must be under 13" long and over 18" long to be legal....anything in between must be released. Be sure to check the regulations...which vary from state to state.
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    I hav caught plenty of good flatheads on smallmouth. That is my favorite bait, but that is just in my home waters.