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Fuel stabilizer

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Wondering what kind of fuel stabilizer I should use with my 200 Merc EFI? The oil injector still works fine, so I'm looking to stabilize plain unleaded gasoline.

Quicksilver makes a high-dollar fuel stabilizer and engine system cleaner, but I can get Sta-Bil at Wally World for next to nothing.

Is there a reason to use the Quicksilver brand? Or is there another brand I should look at?

Do you use it all year around or just during extended storage? I'll sometimes go 3 or 4 weeks between running the boat when it's not in storage.

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I use stabil in my Honda. Mechanic where I bought my boat told me if everyone used stabil when they aren't gonna be using their motor, he'd be out of a job soon. Said about 75% of what they do is carb work from old fuel. So, that's what I use.
I use Walmart Sta-Bil in my Yamaha... been using it for 10 years.. never touched the motor, so guess it works just as good as the high dollar stuff.
Also use it in other things like lawnmowers, weed eater, blowers and tractor.
thats what i use as well. getting ready to add some soon. this spring it fired right up with no hassle.
MR T let me throw out what I know on this subject.After years of Stabil and other readily available stabilizers I did a little research on the subject including writing or calling several boating magazines.The consensus opinion is a stabilizer called PRI-G is the best.It works for a year AND reduces or removes carbon deposits.I add it EVERYTIME I add gas that way my fuel is always stable and carbon deposits are reduced.STABIL and others usually only work for 90 days or so that is why I like PRI-G.It is somewhat expensive like the Mercury version but the benefits far outweigh the costs.You can get it at WEST Marine and other places.I have a 200 OPTIMAX and feel that stabilizers are even more important to injected engines than carbs.So to answer your quetion YES the Quicksilver version would be worth it because it also has the carbon fighting element.Todays gasolines are very dirty so everyone should run some kind of carbon reducing additive/stabilizer all the time not just when winterizing.My dealer whole heartedly agrees with this and recommends it.One bottle of PRI-G will treat 256 gals of gas.It is one once for each 16 gals.They also make a stabilizer for diesels PRI-D
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I use stabil from walmarts and also use it in all my motor operated toysIE;lawn mowers weedwackers chainsaw......
If your boat sits 3-4 weeks you should use it all the time.
There is a carbon guard spray you can get for a reasonable price,your local boat dealer or supplier should have some.
I use Sta-Bil which can be purchased at Wal-Mart or at any parts store and most gas stations.
I run it in my fuel year round and I do run alot in the winter.I have found that with Sta-Bil I do not have to add Heet to my gas because it seems to displace water real well as well as treat the fuel and I will be on the water when it is below zero outside hunting a hot water discharge at a power plant.
The more costly stuff may last a little longer but I have put the cheap stuff in fuel and still ran the fuel as much as 1 year later with no problems at all.
It doesn't matter which you run if you run it all the time. What PRI-G does is it has carbon remover which I don't think Stabil claims to do.Carbon buildup is a primary enenmy of outboards which is why the manufacturers all offer carbon removers like Ring Free etc.With PRI-G you get this built in without having to buy another expensive product.
Thanks for the info on PRI-G - looks like it's actually cheaper than Sta-Bil. I paid about $10 for an 80-gallon treatment of Sta-Bil but the PRI-G super-concentrate that treats 256 gallons is only $14 or so online, and it gets cheaper if you buy the larger bottles.

I've already treated my tank with Sta-Bil but still haven't put the boat away for the winter yet; may take it out for one or two more good runs and will consider the PRI-G when I add more fuel before final storage for the winter.
my boat never goes over a few days without running during the season andjust 2 1/2 months or so in the winter. never thought of any reason to run it in it all the time. thanks for the info. i may look into it.
Seems there is some confusion on how long [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]Sta-Bil will work.

[/font] From the label on a container of [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]Sta-Bil:[/font]
A dosage of 1.0 Oz per 2.5 gallons of gas will provide protection for 12 months.
Double the recommended dosage for protection up to 2 years.
ya. thats what i read last year when i put it in my boat. at 3 months and firsd up on the first crank of key.
PRI-G is cheaper in the long run because it treats more fuel AND has the carbon guard feature.Don't think it matters what you put in as long as you use it.Modern gasoline deteriorates seriously after 30 days.I would highly recommend to all that you treat the fuel everytime you gas up.
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