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    Fuel = $

    The BOC requires $ to function. It is not unlike any other business in the world. You have to recapture your initial investment, pay interest, pay expenses and if you are lucky you will have a profit.

    I have been a member of the BOC since December 2006 and I have seen a lot of complaints about the Star Program, Card Program, Hat sales, etc. All of these items generate an income stream which any enterprise needs to maintain itself. The sale or contritution for all of the foregoing does not go directly to profit, only a small amount, if any, at this time. I have no inside information on this issue, I just know from running my own business for 29 years that this is what takes place and has to take place for a business to survive.

    I use AOL and BellSouth as internet providers and both of them are always trying to sell me something, that is the way it is.

    In the recent past, I have seen others complain about the Star Program and they stated in the open forum that they would contribute, but they felt like they got nothing for donating to the Star Program. Yet, recently I have seen them with four or five stars on another site, which in no way compares to the BOC. Also, it appears to me that those who complain the most about $ on the BOC are those that have not spent a penny to help. Another way to look at this issue is like voting in the general election, if you don't vote, then what justification do you have to complain.

    A good catfish magazine would cost you about $30 a year, a boat repair magazine about the same, a good hunting magazine about the same, up to date NASCAR news and gossip, cooking suggestion, health and marriage advice, and on and on. All of these magazines would cost you in the hundreds of dollars if you subscribed to all of them. Yet, we can get all of this free on the BOC, doesn't make sense does it. No it does not, that is why the Star Program, Card Program, Hat Program and others are important to maintaining what we currently enjoy.

    Each year, Jerry Lewis stresses to the public that it is the individual person out there in TV land that keeps his charity work going, not just his sponsors.

    Ten dollars, do I hear ten dollars, it is yours brothers and sisters, all you have to do is, do your fair share, get a Star. Thanks, Mac

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    i agree. i get a few every year. even before the contests were star only.

    and won a $200 keelshield. so im in bebt lol. but the friends ive made here. worth a ton of gold. i spend winter nights when im off work chatting almost as if i were in a tavern talking to buddies.

    worth every dime IMO.:wink:

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    This is a subject that I totally agree with. I'm of the opinion that this is a family web site which by all rights should be supporte d by we the membership. $10.00 to $100.00 dollors,whatever isn't going to kill ya finanially.This web site needs us,and I for one will donate when I can asit is a very worthy cause.Sister Pat
  4. ho_shi

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    is it much diferent then donatin to a church???? arent we kinda like a smaller version??? all prayin to the fish gods for nice catfish and memories, fun times with family friends so on so forth

    10.00 is cheap!! i plan on another star or two for too much longer

    all sites have popup bs and lots of logos everywhere, boc i dont see as many as elsewehre and I feel that is worth every penny
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    Thanks Lake Norman Blues, He is right on the target, The BOC has given to the users more and more everytime we log on. What do they ask for? nothing just to be civil to our fellow members. I have been here for a while and seen the changes and membership grow, in the last year our membership has exploded, bringing with the need for bigger servers upgrades and the ability to grow. Our donations in getting stars, cards and any other items help to defer the cost of keeping this site as good as it is. I'm for one feel getting a few stars or even my card #94 to help support this site. I can drink $10 of coffee from Starbucks in a day, If you don't want to donate you can help by spreading the word and getting other people to join in, Have you notice that we are very limited in banners and ads here on the BOC that is due to the support of members and the great help form the staff here on the BOC. Also did you know that the staff here at the BOC are not paid and do there job because of there love for this site. You may see partners programs, These programs are free to anyone who wants do the work and get something started. How many other sites will do that for there members, Paul and his staff and donating members have done a great job in keeping this site free to join. Next time you see a star next to a member who posted a thread thank them for there support.
  6. Dano

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    I always like to pitch in a little something on a road trip.:wink:
  7. MRR

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    Couldn't of said it any better than was said.If A person can't give up 10 bucks then they don't care much for the site.MHO!! Sometimes I know it's hard to have any extra to give but you'd think that in 12 months surely they could fork over 10 dollars.It cost Paul big bucks to keep the lights on for the BOC. We got what 18000 + members now.Look at what that could do for the BOC and everyone involved.
    Come on folks give up that little ole 10 spot.It's not to late yet for this year.
  8. arkrivercatman

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    I agree. Its money well spent. This place is a one of a kind. I hope we are not the only ones who really see the true value of this place. I would have never met alot of great people if it were not for this site. I have had the pleasure of fishin with quite a few. Thats is priceless. Come on people help out. You know you wouldnt know what to do without this site and you know it has taught you more in a few days than most learn in a lifetime. Where else can you learn so much in one place, whether its cats or not?
  9. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN

    Great post, thanks for sharing this valuable insight. I know I get my 60 dollars worth out of this site about every month!
  10. olefin

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    Well said Mac!

    Everybody could afford 10 bucks if they had the want to.

    My signature says how I feel about BOC.
  11. zeboman

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    I`m in 100% agreement with you MAC, great post brother.
  12. Dave L

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    I'll agree, running a business big or small has it's expenses. In these hard times it is even more important to support those that will be there for YOU.
  13. bnorth

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    I agree, I've been freeloading on here long enough. Paid my dues just now, it ain't much but every little bit helps.