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    Anybody out there that give me an idea of the depth and if there is a drop off right at the lighthouse point.I am a bank fisherman and have no idea of how to judge the depth so I can't really set a slip bobber. Any suggestions :eek:oooh:
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    Well, if your at the light house, directly straight out it drops off pretty fast to 55'. Talking 20 yards from the bank. 70' if you have a decent cast and can wing it out there.If you want to keep your bait directly in front, then you will need some serious weight(sinkers) because of the tidal current. This time of year your also going to be fighting with the grass that is slowly breaking up. Awful hard to keep off your lines.

    Now onthe up side, during the incoming tide you will have an eddie formed. the depth from the bank on out will be anywhere from 5' to 45' out closer to the channel. If your walk up up along the bank to where that small brick building is, depending on how far you can cast, you could easily be in 30+ feet of water. There is also some good structure up from the lighthouse, too.

    On the lower side during outgoing tide you will also have an eddie formed. The depth there will range from 5' to 40' close to the channel.

    All this is within casting distance, say 50 yards from the bank. A lot of people fish right at the lighthouse, any given time you can almost see at least a couple fisherman. But on both sides of the lighthouse, with minimal walking you can be prime fishing waters. Have seen guys pull out 50's from all along there. If you fish those eddies at the right time, that will be your best bet. Easy meal for the blues with all the bait that holds up in those eddies.