ft ooudin and watts barr

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  1. catfish101

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    :sad2: fished below watts barr dam caught several chanel cats and 1 blue
    caught skipjack before dark .went to to ft loudon lake on friday fished to
    1130 no luck but 1 rockfish.went back to watts barr lake got 1 rockfish
    was just about ready to head back to carolina rod went down big fish
    the way he felt i guess 60 + i tough he was clear of anchor rope i
    was wrong and lost her :sad2: greg broke off when he set hook jimmy got
    2 more blues about 15 to 18 lbs fished out of blue springs
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    Osage River Missouri
    Wow, you sure are getting my kitty Kat fever up, must have felt good a 60lb+ Way to go. At least you got to feel the power and glory !