Ft. Gibson question

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  1. Koon

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    We have a guys only weekend every year at Ft. Gibson which is about the only time I make it out to that lake, so lake knowledge for catfish is at a low.

    Jugging in the cove the last 3 years has really dropped off and would like to try somewhere new. Time of the year will be the end of May. Does anyone have some tips they would be willing to share?
  2. catfishcentral

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    I know it gets busy but the upper end up towards the Bend can be great depending on how much current there letting out. We baited up with cut spoonbill and did really good up in Pryor Creek. That's about the only time I catfish on Ft. Gibson is during the spoonbill and sandbass run. I'm sure just farther downsteam where there's less traffic below Mazies Landing the river should be full of them heading up the river to spawn. The first two weeks of May should be the best time.