Ft. Cobb Lake

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    Just returned from a week at Ft Cobb Lake. Wasn't as good as I was hoping, nor as bad as feared. We stayed at the State Park, and I have mixed feelings on that. The people at the infrormation center and the "collecter" in area 5 were helpful and friendly people. Good reps for the state. Most of the facilities were very good also. I kind of got bent out of shape when I found out the State Park system does not recognize the "Golden Age Pass", as we had to pay the $16.00 night camping fee in lieu of the $8.00 we pay with the Golden Age Pass. It also irritated my sense of fairness when sites which only allowed the parking of one vehicle charged the full price of a site which allowed the parking of two or three additional vehicles. Seems like you should get the same thing for the same expense. Also, they charged and additional $8.00/night for a tent for the kids. Don't get these type expenses at the Corps of Engineer lakes. The showers and rest room were clean and well maintained. Kind of bad that the floor from the showers slope towards the area where you put your clean clothes on...time you got one leg in the pants they were also wet. LOL.

    Long time visitors to Lake Cobb said the high water was changing all the dynamics at the lake. Catfish were not where they were supposed to be, nor were the saugeye, walleye, strippers or crappie. We only caught 8 catfish (channels) and they were all in 12 foot of water. No bites in deeper water at all. Being the 4th, the jet skis and their big brothers were out. They liked using our juts for a salom course. LOL
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    I just got back from Cobb too. Jiminy, it's starting to get hot out there.

    They have never charged us the fee for kids staying in tents. Ever. We always stay over in the White Catfish Bay (not sure if that's right) area. There's always at least one camper in our group, and at least one tent. Matter of fact, whenever the fella comes around and asks who's staying in the tents, he always stresses "There's only kids staying in that tent, right? RIGHT? Because kids in tents stay free, and I don't intend to check, right?" We didn't exactly understand him the first time, so he continued until his point got home, that he did not want to charge us for any tents.

    The fishing was not very good. We caught one 15 lb blue the night before I got there, but all we could manage was usually about 5 fish per run (every 6 hrs). Besides the 15, the rest of the fish were blues & channels in the 2-8 pound class. I only managed one catfish on a rod & reel, and I caught that small channel below the herrons on punch bait below a bobber.

    I wish I had known you were there, it would've been fun to meet you. Maybe another time.

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    Buddy they knew you wasn't right, that's why they charged you that ridiculous price...lol