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  1. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by Dean Tegtmeyer(Lakecat)

    Fish Batter

    3 Pounds Fish Fillets
    2 Cups All-purpose flour
    3 Cups Pancake mix
    3 Cups Club soda
    1 Tablespoon Onion powder
    1 Tablespoon Seasoned salt

    Dip moistened fish pieces evenly but lightly in the flour.

    Dust off any excess flour and allow pieces to air dry on waxed paper,
    about 5 minutes. Whip the pancake mix with the club soda to the
    consistency of buttermilk- pourable, but not too thin and not too thick.
    Beat in the onion powder and seasoned salt.

    Dip floured fillets into batter and drop into 425 oil in heavy saucepan
    using meat thermometer. Brown about 4 minutes per side.

    Arrange on cookie sheet in 325 oven until all pieces have been fried.
  2. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by Joseph Scott(Misterwhiskers)

    1 cup flour
    1 cup beer(corrona)
    1/3 cup onion(finely chopped)
    1tblspn olive oil
    1 1/2 tspn Mrs. Dash salt free herb and spice blend
    11/2 tspn cajun
    1/8 tspn red pepper sauce 2 1/4 lbs. catfish fillet skin removed cut in 1/2

    Combine all ingredients and cover with plastic wrap and sit for 1/2 hour at room temp.

    Dip fish in batter to coat.
    Fry at 375 in deep fat fryer 5-6 minutes,few pices at a time

    This is also good batter for deep frying shrimp.
    Is really crispy!

  3. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by Pete Kildow(Shilohred)

    2 cups meal (self rising)
    1 cup flour (self rising)
    1 table spoon salt
    2 table spoons full of black pepper
    dash of garlic powder
    1 table spoon of cajun spice

    Put all this in a brown paper bag shake well
    Lay fish out and let dry, Place a few pieces of fish in the batter. Close the top of the bag. Shake well.
    Take out and place in cooking oil at 375 degrees untill fish floats to the top and is golden brown.

  4. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by Skip Nantz(Skiptomylu)

    Hi all,

    I just tried this a couple of weeks ago and am really pleased how it turned out.

    First I seasoned my fish pieces. Season with what even you like.

    Then run the seasoned fish through egg wash.

    Then coat it well with ground up corn flakes and fry as you normally would. I use a food processor to grind up my corn flakes.

    Ends up very crunchy and good!

    I think you could also probably bake this in the oven as oven fried.

    Note: even using new oil the fish will turn darker than normal, but it's ok.

    Next I am going to use rice crispies and I think both of these will work very will with shrimp as well.
  5. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by David Frantz(Okccatman)

    After reading all these great recipes I had to include one of my own.
    This is how I make my beer batter.
    I prefer to keep things as simple as posible. Take plain flour and put in your prefered seasonings. Personally I really like to add some chilli powder and paprika, and of coarse salt and pepper. Then I take a can of beer and add enough to get to the consistancy that I want. Good thing is there is no waste since I am SOOOO fond of beer.
    Then dredge your fish in batter and fry.
    For a little twist you can drizzle vinigar and lemon juice of cooked pieces.
    Hope you all enjoy this one as much as all my friends and family do.
    David Frantz
  6. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    1 c. plain flour
    1 tsp. sugar
    1/4 tsp. soda
    1/4 tsp. baking powder
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1 egg, beaten
    3 tbsp. oil
    3/4 c. club soda or 7-Up

    Sift flour, sugar, soda, baking powder and salt. Add egg, oil and club soda or 7-Up. Be careful not to overbeat. Dip onion rings in batter and fry in hot oil. Drain on paper towels.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    i make my own now too. i mix about one part flour to two parts corn meal and add tss rattlesnake dust or jal garlic salt. adds great flavor. try using some reg garlic salt and add some salt and pepper. a seasoned breading adds a lot of flavor.

    you can add a shake of bread crumbs too. makes the texture a bit rougher. get oil hot and let fish dry a bit. i put em on a paper towel before breading them. and dont mess with the fish for 3-4 min to let the breading crips a bit.
  8. Ictalurus Punctatus

    Ictalurus Punctatus New Member

    Greensboro, NC
    1/4 cup flour
    3/4 cup corn meal
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp cheyenne pepper
    1 tsp black pepper

    2-3 filets at a time @ 350 for 6 min. Don't forget to allow time for your oil temp to recover between batches.
  9. rcneman

    rcneman New Member

    I use the pancake/waffle mix by itself in a one gallon ziploc style baggie, then add salt, pepper and garlic to the mix....throw a few fillets in the bag and shake vigorously until fillets are well they go straight into a hot pan of oil....fried until dark brown. works the same in a deep fryer, i just usually use a skillet instead.

    I add fish to the mix only when i plan to fry them immediately. If your doing several 'batches', wait to 'batter' the next round until just before ya throw them in the oil.

    They have a sweet taste from the pancake/waffle mix.....i love em! yum.

  10. ka_c4_boom

    ka_c4_boom New Member

    i prefer corn meal and lemon pepper, i cut all my fillets into 1/4"x2" peices rinse in cold water strain then drop them in a gallon ziploc with the corn meal and shake

    then deep fry 15 peices at a time. a quart of fish makes roughly 60 bite size peices that are best served hot
  11. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    Here's a good, easy batter recipe. Mix Bisquick and beer (or club soda) to the desired consistency; thin batter for a thinner crust, or thick batter for a thicker crust. Dredge the fillets in flour, then drop into the batter. Use a BBQ fork to retreive the fillets from the batter and drop them into the hot grease.
  12. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay New Member

    When I fry fish I always use egg batter before you put on the breading, just break 2-3 eggs ,beat , thin with a liittle beer , soak and drain fish ,add your seasonings ,dip in the bread crumbs,corn meal, whatever your using , fry. We mostly use peanut oil ,has a higher smoke point.

    Up north all the clubs V.F.W., Lions, Eagles, ect, have smelt frys in the spring when they are running, for fund raisers. They use the recipe above + they add pancake mix to the eggs. Some times we would go thru 300 -400 lbs of smelt . Folks just loved um, sold a lot of beer to!
  13. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    Here are several things you can do to get a little different taste to your recipes:

    1. Mix in some cajun seasoning with your cornmeal.

    2. Mix cornmeal with grated Parmesan cheese. (Any hard cheese will do.)

    3. Instead of cornmeal, use a rolling pin to crush Ritz crackers and coat your fish with that.

    4. If you like your fillets battered, like you get in the fast food restaurants, make a mixture of Bisquick and beer (or club soda). The thicker the mixture, the thicker the crust will be; likewise, the thinner the mixture, the thinner the crust. Coat your fillets well with flour, dip in the mixture, and deep fry at 375.

    Tip: Not everyone has a thermometer. While most of us have heard of tossing a 'strike anywhere' match into the oil to know it's at the right temperature when it lights, I never liked the idea of stuff like that in my oil. Instead, toss in several kernals of popcorn. When it pops, the oil is at the right temperature. Just keep in mind that for thin fillets, the oil needs to be a lot hotter than when you're cooking thick fillets. The idea is to have the coating turn golden brown at exactly the same time the fillet is just cooked. That way, your fillets are crispy on the outside, and moist and tender on the inside.
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