Fruitcake...PB, this one's for you!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catgirl, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Catgirl

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    Okay, I personally have never been a fruitcake fan. BUT, I love the assorted dried fruit and nut mixes. I was thinking of adapting my pound cake recipe to include some......make a sort of light/golden fruitcake. Anyhow, I decided to check the web for similar recipes and possibly save myself some time and testing trouble - which is where I came across this. I'm sure some of ya have seen it before, but it still tickled my funny bone.

    Somehow the way the author expressed him(her?)self reminded me of Dr.John's style of writing. So this one's for you PB - time to bring back the fruitcake talk :haha:.
  2. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    you know whats great about having left over fruitcake? you can stack them up, throw some mortar between them and build a house. i actually like fruit cake. of course i like alot of things that most people wouldnt look at.

  3. postbeetle

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    Let me tell you something girl. I love fruitcake, I really do. Sgt and I could do well on a deserted island with 4 women and a boatload of fruitcake.

    I have a very good recipe for Fruitcake in fact. It is true that the more you baste it in good booze the better it is. When I drank hard stuff I would always add a little to the fruitcake, just a little. I needed the rest.

    I have had enough experience to tell you that beer don't work. It leaves a lot to be desired. The stuff kind of tastes like an English plum pudding with nuts and cherries. That was another problem, I kept eating the maraschino cherries and there was never enough in the fruitcake.

    It is too bad you found my "pen name". Now I got to find another one. I am thinking about something like George something or other.

    PS (not BS) these cakes take about two years to be any good. So don't get your knife out yet.
  4. Esox Hunter

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    Birmingham U.K.

    Must admit:

    When I wake up on St. Stephen's day (Dec. 26th) I just LOVE some fruitcake *ding* with a cuppa....

    Get the cake, make the tea, stick the cake in the microwave, wait fro the *DING*.......Fruitcake DING:big_smile:
  5. Catgirl

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    Hey, I believe ya John. My maternal grandfather, the preacher-man, wasn't much of a drinker ('cept for an occasional nip or two on his hunting trips; maybe that's why Gran got in such a tizzy when he went :smile2:), but he ALWAYS put liquor on fruitcakes at holiday time. I've only tried one cake that was uh, enhanced, came from Cracker Barrel. Think it was called Whiskey Cake - no fruit. Whew, that thing would knock you backwards just by opening the package. Not really up my alley....

    But dang it man, all that island/ocean two girls for every boy talk doesn't have me feeling very Christmasy! Now we're goin' to Surf's an oldie but a goodie. Think I'll go eat some maraschinos while I dig out that 45 :smile:.
  6. bootshowl

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    That was funny....but the fruitcake thing. I thought there was only one, and we just kept passing it around......I thought it was like 98 years old by now.
    People are making them?
  7. anchorpuller

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    North Caro
    It's just hilarious that you should bring this up now.

    For Thanksgiving Mom brought me not one.....not two... but three fruitcakes. All wrapped in cheesecloth and soaked. They are in these pretty Christmas tins.

    Last year, on Thanksgiving, she brought me ONE. I got a teeny tiny sliver, rationing it carefully. I awoke the day or two after Thanksgiving to find it missing! Seems Dear Mom had taken it home with her.
    I gave her heck over it. She said this year was to make up for last year.


    She offered the suggestion to take them to work and share. I don't think they would look to kindly on it there. They would turn us all into the board of nursing for fruitcake impaired nurses!

    All I can say is, don't light a match near em when the tins are open.
    Thanks for the laugh.
  8. 223reload

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    I have the perfect solution for uneaten fruitcake ,saw it into slices about 1" and place in trius trap and use as substitute clay pidgeons :smile2:
  9. Ol Man

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    I have a SIL that, up till a year or so ago, would send me a fruitcake every year for Christmas. She thought she was being hateful. I ate every one of them and when she found out I Liked them, she quit sending them to me...:smile2: I sure do miss those fruitcakes...:smile2:
    Those who have virtue always in their mouths, and neglect it in practice, are like a harp, which emits a sound pleasing to others, while itself is insensible of the music. (Diogenes)
  10. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    "Fruitcakes in the oven.
    Fruitcakes on the street.
    Theres a little bit of fruitcake left
    in every one we meet."
  11. metalman

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    My name is Winston and I love fruit cake.
    There, it's out now and I feel so much better for having confessed to you all.
    My mum, bless her heart, made fruit cakes for literally dozens of people at Christmas time. After I left home she would always send me one and even after I came to the US she continued to do so. Brandy was her preservative of choice and her cakes would keep indefinitely such that if I paced myself I could enjoy her cake year round. Now she's gone I just hope they like fruit cake in heaven because I'm sure she is baking up a storm...W
  12. Dano

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    :smile2:I'm sitting here busting a gut reading this stuff. Y'all aint right. :smile2:
  13. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    Cool link Tanya. I gotta say that I Hate Fruitcake! Luckily noone gets me any for Christmas!!!:wink::big_smile:
  14. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    What happened in this fine country that we went from beautiful pound cakes, & Jam cakes, and yes even the mythical fruit cake to Pop Tarts & Ding Dongs. Kinda like buying C-rations......
    Seems like a lot was lost with the wood stove. Where did we lose so much time? I've been trying to learn a lil more, and most of the recipes start with something I'd never seen in any of the old family recipes. Something called "Preparation Time".