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    I just bought 60 acres out in the middle of no where. It's all heavily wooded not a ton of clearings. My question to everyone is, food plots. All the time and money a man has to put into food plots year round is it worth it. I have looking at buying a bunch of fruit trees. A man could plant 20 apple trees and 20 perssimon trees 3' tall for around 200 to 300 dollars and with a little care could have some trees that produce food for game year after year. Has anyone done this or think that a few strips of food plots would do better than 40 fruit trees that are producing fruit. And the bonus would be apples for me too. Any comments would be great
    thanks Chris
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    I hunt orchards in VA and also have a dozen apple trees on the family farm. Deer love the fruit and.......the bark and twigs of small fruit trees. Put a cage around your trees until strong and established.

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    Food plots take a lot of work and time to upkeep, with trees you plant them and you are done. I see deer in my friend's peach orchard every night when I take him home. They will definitely improve your chances of harvesting a biggun this year
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    Chris, I have hunted near persimmon trees for years and I have taken many fine deer around them. In the fall, bucks are gorging on these fruits to store up for the winter and the rut. Apples are great too....and a big ole corn feeder will fill the freezer every year. Like mentioned plots are a lot of hard work!:wink:
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    If you have the equipment, and the time, I'd put in the food plots AND some fruit trees. The food plots are going to help more with the deer nutrition IMO. But the fruit trees will be a great place for a stand. I hunt a single pear tree at my place in Va, and deer there everyday, usually morning and evening, and killed about a 125" buck that was heading to it this past fall. They LOVE pears.
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    Fruit trees are nice to have too. They are rather limited in their time frame though for drawing deer in. One farm we lease is 90 acres and we plant maybe 8? acres worth of food plots, small ones, 50'x100' mostly. We take 3 or so bucks a year (130+pts) and pass 8 or 9 minimum every year. Last years trail cams showed 11 different antlered bucks. Except for a 5 acre field in beans corn rotation this farm is brush and CRP with 30 acres semi mature hardwoods. We have people begging to get on it. Winter wheat/rye is cheap and deer love it. Its a very rugged plant too. We buy it in 50/lb bags for $9+/- in late August. Plant a few turnips and commercial foodplot seed in June or early July. Early August when our squirrel season opens we plant clover. Our cost is about $250 yr for seed. Very little fertilizer, last year I think we used 12-12-12(?) at a cost of $25? Hope this helps. If your a doe hunter foodplots really bring them in and concentrate them too. Great for youngsters and beginning hunters too.
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    I've always thought about what I would do if I ever got a nice piece of hunting land, and one of the things would be to plant fruit trees. I would want to plant pears, apples, crabapples and persimmons. That way you have fruits maturing at different times and should pretty much cover the entire time from mid/late August through the end of the year. The drawback is it will probably take a few years before the produce enough to really draw in the deer. During that time though I would definitely plant foodplots. Even after the trees start producing I'd like to have foodplots just to have plenty for them to eat. My dream was always to plant those trees in the middle of a field and plant around the trees.

    And be sure to follow the advice about the cage around the trees. The guy who owns the land next to my hunting land planted several apple trees by the road entering the property. I don't think the intention was to draw in deer, but to get apples for himself since his house is only about 150 yards from there. That year a buck rubbed all of those trees one by one, and most of them died. Now he has cages around the new trees.
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    Every option has its benefits and limitations.. I like to " Have it all ", Food Plots, Corn Feeders, and I love hunting near fruit trees, ESPECIALLY PEAR TREES....:wink:

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    Well food plots are great, but it will take a lot of time and equipment to clear an area for one. Fruit trees are an excellent idea, but there is one problem, the deer love to eat the apple trees before they are mature. You will have to put a cage around them until they are self-sustainable. Also, they are going to need a lot of sunlight and a lot of room to grow, so you'll have to plant them on the edge of the woods if you have an edge. If you have an area that will not be hard to clear and/or pull stumps out, I'd plant a food plot so that you will get instant results. Good luck!
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    Get you some no plow food plot seed... That stuff will grow anywhere... Just toss it out on the ground by hand where ever.... It grows better if you clear the spot with a rack or something first.... I use it for places I hike way back into with the climber... Works real good..