Frozen Shad

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Ohio_River_Rat, May 6, 2006.

  1. Ohio_River_Rat

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    Charlestown, Indiana
    Hey guys its been a long time since i've posted on here but its good to be back. My question is how many of you use shad after its been frozen for a while? I have read on a number of websites including here that if your gonna use shad it should be fresh and if ur gonna use it dead put it straight onto ice.

    On tuesday a buddy of mine went and caught a few dozen shad and threw
    it into a 5 gallon bucket wit some water. after i was done i drained the water threw the cast net on top and drove it home. then i vacum sealed it and froze it. last night i took 4 of the smaller ones (4 inches) to the river and in no time caught a 6lb 6oz, 5lb 14oz, 8lb 2oz, and a 4lb 2oz channel. Another thing that made me think it matter less if its been frozen for a while is the weekend before last me and river_rat_42 went out with some week old frozen shad and he caught a 23lb 4oz blue. Is frozen shad that much worse than freshshad. it said on here that the flesh gets mushy and it doesn't work near as good but the 23lb was caught after only 10 mins in the water and my four were caught in about 30 mins total those are hard results to argue with. Just wonderin
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    zac, no one said it wouldn't catch fish but they are more firm if they don't die in water. if you toss them on ice(on ice not in the melted goo) and then into the freezer they will be a bit better bait in my experience.

  3. SeedTick

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    Hey Zac, I think that old frozen mushy shad are better than no shad at all. There are times around here that shad are hard for me to find but just recently I found a place where I can get a lot of them (at least I can for now). I've already made one trip and got some and quickly put them on ice and came home and bagged them up and put them in the freezer. I think fresh are better but that is not always an option.

  4. Katmaster Jr.

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    I'm with Greg, I think fresh is pretty much always better than frozen but frozen will definitely catch fish and sometimes fresh shad are near impossible to catch.
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    Hey Zac, I truly beleive why the frozen shad produced so well is the fact that you vacuum sealed it. I vacuum seal all bait that I keep and it holds up much better than just freezing it.
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    never tryed vacume packing them, but fresh has always worked better for me than frozen, but they do beat no shad at all.
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    Zac usually I catch my shad the day i go fishing and just put them in a bucket of water. I used to catch my bait then stick it in the freezer.
    Yesterday I took my fresh bait to the pay lake close to my house and no more than 10 minutes after putting my line in the water I hooked a 32lb flattie. Frozen is ok but fresh is better I think.:cool2:
  8. Jammer

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    I have good days and bad days catching shad. So, I pack the extra shad is small zip lock bags and seal them with very little water or air (no vacuum sealer)and toss them in the freezer.There are about ten bags left from last year. I put a couple bags in the cooler with ice and if I catch fresh shad I throw them on top and use them. If not, I us the frozen ones. I use small bags because they are only good for one trip.
    Frozen beats none.