Frozen Ice bottles to help preserve bait:

Discussion in 'Catfishing Library' started by Katmaster Jr., Dec 27, 2005.

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    This a pretty good simple little tip. What you do is get some like 2-liter
    coca-cola bottles and freeze them. And then you can use them to put on your bait. Works good because regular ice, (after it melts) leaves water on your bait. And you dont want your bait to be soaking in water, because that takes alot of the freshness you want out of it. Like the scent, and the blood.
    Trust me makes a big difference! Because alot of times I catch bait on one fishing trip and then take good care of it and use it for 2-3 more days.

    Hope this helps, good luck !!! :)
  2. cashukid

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    Those 2 liter bottles get pretty heavy when you have to carry your bait and equipment very far.

    I started using 20oz bottles, filling them within 1" to the top and freezing them.
    Now my bait stays cold and fresh, my Wife's Soda stays cold and I have cold water to drink when thirsty.
    Generally carry three of these. When we arrive, put one, out of the cooler to thaw out for drinking.