Frozen Baitfish

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by tricitycatter, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Today I went by the local sports warehouse (wholesale sports) & was looking at getting some frozen shad, but they were out of it, the manager gave me everything that was freezer burt or old for $2.00. I got about 40 small smelt, 10 small hearing, 12 medium sardines. I have never really caught much on the hearing but locals swear by it & shrimp (which I have a bout a pound of alread in the freezer), I know that the smelt run is comming up soon (march I think) so i thought about trying some of that this weekend. I just thought it was great deal & could not pass it up. I was wondering since the back waters were froze this yaer for a few weeks if the cats might be there looking for fish kill, the areas I can get to are about 10-15 feet deep & in the Yakaima River Delta where it meets the Columbia. Any of you ever use much store bought bait fish? We can not net anything here in WA, or use live bait.
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    The frozen bait will probably be ok, although even with frozen, "the fresher the better". I use frozen sometimes, but it is what I catch and is left over. I usually chum with it, but if necessary I'll use it for bait. Since you can't net, go to the members library and learn and build a trap. You just can't beat fresh bait.

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    Just got to try and it and see what happens.
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    The herring are the best bait you got in that deal.Look @ my pictures,not bragging just stating facts.All the bigger ones Frozen Skipjack 8 months old.Promise