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  1. I was just laying in bed {could not sleep} and thought about a bait consisting of a frozen concauction of a mixture of blood, anise oil and garlic{ maybe even Dead Red blood spray{ I hope Jeff Williams would't mind} mixed together.
    What I would do is mix the ingredients together and put hook's in ice cube trays to where the hook would be exposed. I would set up the hook to leave the eye and the point portruding out so rigging would be available.
    I thought {if this worked I would be able to fish the cubes for a while in the water untill melted}.
    Has anyone thought of trying this? Would cat's bit a cold bait?
    Well thank you for reading Brother's and best of luck out on the water.

    sTRICTLY Catfish.

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    Try it and see. Never hurts to experiment!!! Let us know how it works.

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    I don't know if they would bite it but frozen in bigger blocks would be a great way to release the smell as a kind of chum over time.