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    Original post made by Tony Letson(Frosty Whiskers) on October 5, 2002

    Multiple posts were combined to make this one.

    I may be the only one fishing with multiple rods form the bank. I doubt it though. Most folks are using the verticle or horizontal rod holders made of 3/8 diameter steel, setting them up in a line evenly spaced about 1 1/2 -2 feet apart. I generally setup 6-7 rigs, which can make for a real treat reacting to the one at the other end of the line. I got real tired real fast.

    materials needed:
    1 ea 2x4x32
    2-3 galvanized 12 in 3/8 diameter spikes
    Drill w/ 3/8 diameter drillbit
    Hammer/or fencing pliers
    4-8 3/8 diameter steel rod holders ( I recommend you mix it up some... I use 2 verticals and 4 horizontals). Drill pilot holes 6in from each end of 2x4 and center the 3rd in the board. Find any location that dirt under foot. This doesn't work with concrete slabs and the like. Using the hammer, drive spikes through pilot holes into the soil. This will secure the board. Next drill pilot holes 4 inches from ea end and every 6 inches after I believe that comes to 6 holes. I know, I said 4-8. this is where those horizontal holders come in handy. I arrange those so that I can attach them to the underside of the board before nailing it in place. Some of are probly saying, that'll get yanked out of the ground come the first real tug from a decent Catfish. I've caught 7 fish to date using this Rod Center. The smallest was 12 lbs and the biggest was 41 lbs. The board stayed put through it all. I'll post a few pictures as soon as I find a camera.

    Attached are some graphics to help explain this simple yet efficient system

    This is the platform w/spikes Note: Spikes are 3/8 diameter Rod Holders are 1/4 diameter... In addition to Rod holders I have drilled a 1 1/8 diameter slot at each end, which can be used as additional Rod support, Frog gig, lantern staff, ID flags.

    Alittle difficult to make out but please note 2 forms of Rod holders

    The basic 4 rod setup. Please note that each rods direction is adjustable

    My normal 6 Rod setup. This one supports 2 rods from Holders attached from the bottom.

    The Idea isn't to be cost ineffective, but make an easy to create, setup, use and maintain support mechanism. Most important of all, it cost me nothing, because I had all the materials on hand. If you start from scratch the cost should be less than $20.00 for a 4 Rod setup, $24.00 for a 6 Rod setup. That involves the 2x4, spikes, and Rod Holders.