Frosty's Chum Bait for Catfish

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    Original post made by Tony Letson(Frosty Whiskers) on October 22, 2002

    In the Islands of the south-pacific (Samoa, Figi, Guam,... and probably others) there is a staple of the islanders diet called "fish Head soup". Nah, I don't want anyone getting ill trying the soup, though I must say its really very good. What I will is tell you is how to make a chum, calling card, sniffer, or BOB-line. I saw this on "shark week" on the discovery channel. But I'm gonna offer the carrier also.

    Materials required:
    1 Ice pick or utility punch
    1 2-liter bottle of your flavor of soda-pop.
    1 standard utility tie
    20 ft of durable nylon boating rope
    1 quart of blood, you choose where and how you get it. and it can be congealed.
    A minimum of 4 lbs of fish heads. I personally will take the heads and carcass of a cat I've caught.
    Garlic by the pod/bunch 6-8 of them. For those that don't know, 1 pod is equal to about 10 to 12 cloves or more.
    2 each carrots, celery stalks, bell-pepper, onions.
    Box of salt
    1 10gallon boilen pot, with fire stand. enough water to......( a watering hose hooked up to the spiket).
    Wood, charcoal, gas or electric burner.

    Now we can get started. Take your time about it, but drink that soda pop down. While you're enjoying your favorite non-alcoholic beverage from a bottle gather all the other materials together. Either start a good outdoor cookin fire, or light your portable stove. Place fire stand over fire. Place the fish carcasses and vegetables in the pot. Pour enough water to cover that in the pot. Now watch the stuff come to boil. While this is happening, crush the garlic to release that strong flavor and place in the pot, put a lid on it and finish that soda-pop.
    Using the punch/pick, make a whole in the top of the bottle cap. Now work that utility tie through the hole from the inside to the outside. Now push the tag back through the hole jus enough to secure it in the tie clip. Now give that tie a real good tug against the bottle cap, making sure that it is secure. Now we'll sit and wait on the soup to get done, ........A joke folks, laugh why don'tcha. What you'll do is reduce the volume in the pot through boiling. When you've got that stuff to a consistancy of jello gone mad, remove it from the fire. Strain the stock off in to any other container temporarily and dispose of the solid stuffs, in the trash or your gut. It is real good stuff. Let the reduction cool until the liquid is tepid, a little better than warm, and pour all that blood in with it and stir up until its mixed well. Now using the funnel pour this concoction into that soda bottleand put the cap on it. Now you got a jug of yuk. If you don't want to add the blood, you don't have too. It still works. Place this jug of goodies in the Beer fridge. When you get your stuff together to go fishing, grab that jug, the Ice pick, and that rope I told you about. If you use a boat then tie that rope, one end to the boat and the other to that utility tie, poke a bunch of holes in that jug and toss it over the side, letting enough of it out to sink that bottle to the bottom or 10 ft, which ever is shallower. now circle the areas you want to fish slowly. Thats to get the jucies flowing out of that jug. Get some lines in the water, this stuff calls em for me.

    If you're a bank fisherman like me, tie one end of that rope to a nearby tree and the other end to the jug as before, now chunk it ot there, where you want the cats to be.

    I dropped a line about 5 ft from shore in shallow water to see the effect. This stuff called up cats, gills & perch, and LM Bass. that stuff is usually gone in less than an hour to an hour and a half. You could make backups if you want.