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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by randallewis, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Louisiana --Shreveport
    I think June 12 is the magic switch date but most of the TV stations in my area have switched already. I have a fish camp where I use a regular antenna on a pole. After installing the converter box, I cannot get all the stations. Screen says "no signal". I'm in a heavily wooded spot. Do trees block the signal like they can do a digital satellite dish signal or do I need a special antenna?
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    Yonder in Mo.
    I live in two different places. I have a home in the city with my wife, and farm 130 miles away. In the city, I get all the current analog stations and thier companion digital stations. At the farm, I get analog on two local stations but no Digital. Seems that the smaller stations haven't started yet.

    On the other hand, no, the digital signal from the station is supposed to go everywhere the analog signal currently does and even better. My antenna in the city is inside my garage ceiling. Digital is 50% better.

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    Randal, I would think your present antenna should work just fine.

    Couple weeks ago I hooked up the digital converter at our farm and it works great. We get about twice as many channels and they are all much better picture. One new channel is continuous news and weather.
    Also digital has some neat features, one is on screen program information, not as much detail as cable but helpful.

    We don't have any trees blocking the antenna, about 50 miles to the nearest station. Also was picking up Tulsa, 140 miles.