Frogs for catfish bait

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by pendog66, Mar 7, 2006.

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    I am not sure if this is true or not but my dad's buddy Jim swears up and down that the best catfish bait is frogs. When he was in the air force out in wyoming and colorado he swears up and down he would catch as many channels he wanted using them. He says the trick is to cut the back legs off and toss them out on bottom. Apparently the croaking of the dieing frog drives them nuts. Has anyone tried this??? Can anyone out west vouch for this?? thanks
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    I can vouch for one thing, frogs under water, with or without legs can't croak. They push air out of their bodies to create this noise and they can't bring any air in to replentish their air supply and survive very long. Secondly, I have tried hooking tadpoles through the lip and have done well on channels. Just like using any meat, any catfish will pick up on the scent. The best part is to slit the belly and expose the internal organs. Cat's will do frogs, cut or uncut, but not as producing as the stronger, bloodier baits. Not being from the west, I can't vouch for a western experience, but from the "midwest", frogs will work, but not my first choice for catfishing or quantities of them. All the best!!

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    A study conducted in Georgia's Flint River in which they examined the contents of flathead's stomachs found that flatheads less than 12 inches fed primarily on invertabrates, mostly crayfish. Flatheads between 12 and 24 inches lived almost entirely on crayfish, and flatheads greater than 24 inches' diets were 96% fish by weight, primarily gizzard shad, sunfish, suckers, and other catfish.

    Frogs might be good for channels, I don't know about blues.