Frogs for bait?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by PWillis, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. PWillis

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    Ninnekah, Oklah
    Anyone ever done this before? I was talking to a buddy of mine telling him I found us a new fishing hole for crappie and somehow we got on the subject of river fishing for catfish.

    He told me the best bait he used was live frogs. He would basically throw them right in the water by the bank and the cats would come up and take em.

    Gonna try to go catfishing some time soon and gonna try this and let ya know if or how it works.
  2. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    there is a time in early summer that cats key on frogs(as with all hatches). i havent used them very much but would think they are tasty to cats as well as us. still think a chub or skippy smells stronger and therefore would work better most of the year.

  3. Howie Ketchdem

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    Never for cats but all the time when i was a kid for bass, i go catch 5-6 forgs stuff em in my pockets and walk back down to the lake and fish em under pontoon boats got a 7lb 12oz l.mouth using them but i know a catfish would not pass one up if he seen it, as far as top water catfishing with frogs i think river scum is probably right about early season if i was going to try id fish em on a slip rig on the bottom maybe even slice open there stomachs to get a little sccentout there, fish love the smell of frogs i know this for a fact cause when i use to bass fish with them it was harder to catch the frogs than it was the fish so id use frogs that were so shreaded they did not even resemble a frog, looked like a glob of white hamburger on the hook but if you ripped em on the top those BIG BASS even whould smash it. hey please send me a p/m when you try this cuz ive been pondering this same idea and frogs are plentiful in a friends woods.. thanks bro
  4. CatFishingFinatic

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    I have used spotted frogs/Lepard frogs for cats for many years. They stay on the hook great if you hook them right. Is common to catch 2-3 on the same frog. As a matter of fact, I caught my PB on a frog. Only thing about frogs though is cats aren't the only thing that likes them. If you are in water where there are gar at all, those pesky fellows love frogs. Good luck. Let us know how you do.
  5. Ketch

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    I totally agree with Belinda on this. I have been using leopard frogs for years fishing cats. And its always been my best bait, but you will catch lots of other stuff as well. I have caught lots of pike and bass while fishing with live frogs.
  6. Salty1

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    Mt. Washington, Ky.
    I have many frogs around my house and pond. I tried them this summer by slitting the skin on there bellies open and hooking them at the top of there legs. It worked each time I have dome this !!!!!:wink:
  7. kscathunter

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    ill look for leopard frogs when the bight is slow because they are a shure bite
  8. cumberlandcat

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    I have used them years ago and they tear them up. good bait but hard to come by around here