frog season

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    Overland Park,Kansas
    as some of you may know frog season opened july 1. Went out last night at a local city park and gigged my limit of 8 in only 20 minutes. Problem was there were so many the little ones were scaring the big ones.The biggest one I saw all night I was about to stick him and a smaller one jumped right on his head. They were easy pickins since they mow the grass short down to the water and they have no predators other than us rednecks.Didn't even get muddy hardly.There are dozens of small ponds around here counting city and county parks and graveyards and golf courses.Will be back out tonight. They will be hoppin in the pan this weekend if anybody wants to go.
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    I may have to get the gig down and sharpen it, haven't been in awhile. The season is open in this area as well.