Frog hunting

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by slabmaster, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. slabmaster

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    i cant find a single person that will hunt frogs.i know a buch of boys who like to tell you what a hand they are in the woods and on the water but not a one of them will hunt bull frogs. how bout you guys does any one here hunt frogs.
  2. Cyclops01

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    Eden, NC.

    It's been years. And now that you brought it up, I'd dance nekked on JW's front porch for a plate full of fried frog legs fresh out of a cast iron skillet. Like heaven with a foot on the end. :grin-big:


  3. Oldtroll

    Oldtroll New Member

    King NC.
    If you really want to have a blast goin after frogs, try this.
    take a long cane pole or fly rod, with a mini hula popper, drop it in the water somewhere close to the frog, twich it a bit, an hang on......
    Loads of fun, and can be done from a boat or the bank.
  4. mperry

    mperry Member

    I love to frog gig. Just don't seem to get to do it much anymore. We used to go down the rivers and grab them by hand. I'm getting older so I don't think I can do that anymore. Have not used a pole yet but they say just tie a fly to it and you can catch them all day. Have caught a few on rod and reel while bass fishing before.
  5. gargoil77

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    Clarksville, Indiana
    I use to love gigging. Always went by myself because it was hard to find someone to go w/ me. I haven't been gigging in several years because I almost gigged what i thought was a frog under the water and realized that it was a snake. I high tailed it outta there and ain't been back since.
    Next time I would like to try it from a boat.
  6. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
    I used to idle around on an airboat on hot summer nights in central Fl spotlighting and gigging frogs. It took some doing using a 12' limber rod with a gig attached to nail em.

    Best night we had was over 200 frogs. We ate good that day.
  7. redneckdrum

    redneckdrum New Member

    It's been a long time since I been frog gigging.I used to do most of my gigging on private pond's,however,over the year's because of property damage/abuse and theft,landowner's giving you permission to be on their property are few & far between nowadays
  8. Tulcat

    Tulcat New Member

    I go froggin' every year in KS. We both gig and hand grab. Lately though the results have very lame, with fewer fewer frogs.

    In fact I recently bought a 15 million candle power spotlight that should not only light the frog up, but also partially cook them if I get close enough :)
  9. catwacker

    catwacker New Member

    i love frog hunting! one of the funniest trips i ever had was using those plastic frogs the ba$$ fisgerman use. they float and when you cast them any where close to a frog they would attack it! even on the bank, the frogs would go crazy after that lure. i don't know if they were trying to eat it or
    breed it. laughed all day, caught 85 frogs!
    sometimes i use a cane pole with a gold hook and a tiny piece of red rag on it. have a gig on the big end of the pole. you can catch them by hook or by crook.
    when i catch really big frogs i skin and clean the whole frog, there's good meat on the backbone and shoulders. some of the finest eatin' there is!
    ribbit! ribbit!!!!! catwacker
  10. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    your first name
    I havent been in years. I now gig from a boat instead of swimming around with snakes. We used to use a .22 and a gig. The .22 was alot of fun but you had to watch where you were shooting.
  11. Bill D Curtis

    Bill D Curtis New Member

    Blackwell Oklahoma
    We catch frogs in late summer when the creeks and ponds are low we usally have 1 good frog leg eatin' a year sometimes 2!!:002:
  12. HHinNC

    HHinNC Member

    North Carolina
    Oh yeah! I love giggin' the frogs. Best time here is fairly early...particularly if you want to get a bunch. They might not be hollering due to the cool nights, (and they dont sit up on the bank) but they will be there in the shallows right next to the banks peeking up over the surface of the water. If you wait too late around here, someone else will beat you to them! lol I like to carry a flyrod/canepole rigged with a white troutfly to reach the ones that are too far back in the bullrushes to reach with the gig. Dangle it just over their heads and they will take it, even with the light shining on them. We usually use a johnboat and paddle around the edges, and we've sometimes used an electric trolling motor on large ponds. It can be a lot of fun. For those who are new and are considering trying this sport...make sure you have permission from the pond owners, be careful, and don't try to gig the little one's...let the grow to maturity for next season. Frog legs make great eating!
  13. APD1146

    APD1146 New Member

    New York
    Do I go out for frogs? Does a bear s--t in the woods? I have had so many experience's with frogs it's not funny. Or is it. God bless her before my wife passed on we would take the canoe and frog hunt. We were on a decent sized trout pond and were using fly rods rigged with a small bit of white cloth. She caught a large bullfrog and after having it in the canoe it spit out a tadpole. She said look it had a baby! I explained to her how frogs lay eggs and do not have live young. The bullfrog had swallowed one of it's own for dinner. God bless her I laughed so hard. Another time we were fishing a small pond my family owns and we had bullfrogs attacking our floats. If you ever saw a bullfrog sitting on the water with a float almost the size of a golf ball in his mouth. Let me tell you it is the funniest thing you will ever see. My only regret is I didn't have my camera with me. I now carry it every place I go. I only wish she were here now to enjoy this site and all my new brothers and sisters.
    God bless.
  14. Phlogus

    Phlogus New Member

    I love to frog out of a john boat with a mag light. There are some good froggin lakes that are public in KS. My best spot was private and the farmer died, lost that pond. Had two trips last summer. Anchored the poles and then went out froggin. We grab them by hand then knock them out and throw them in the cooler. My wife got honry one night and dropped one end of the cooler just out side of my open truck door. I had a bull frog jump up into the dash of my 76 F250. It never came out again.
  15. TeamCatHazzard

    TeamCatHazzard New Member

    God I love frog giggin! I go all the time during the summer and cook up some good ole frog legs on the skillet! mmmm dang thats good. I cant wait for that and the good ole morels to start poppin up!
  16. Slimkat

    Slimkat New Member

    I Tryed All Nite One Year. I Didnt Get A One. But I Now A Pond Where There Are Millions Of Them. And I Ante Talkin About The Little Ones. These Are Huge.
  17. copycat

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    New Jersey
    I came across a hugh frog the other day while cleaning out the pond.
  18. topjimmy

    topjimmy New Member

    Frog's legs..... yummmmmm.

    Someone ship me some.
  19. Tulcat

    Tulcat New Member

    Does anyone besides Phlogus and I hand grab anymore?

    When I learned how to frog, hand grabbing was the only legal method.

    I still do it today and have taught my nephews, that way we can grab frogs too small to harvest yet give us some action. Sometimes after we get them in the the boat they prove large enough to harvest.

    THE CATKING New Member

    I am fortunate enough to live by an area that has 30 or so farm ponds and are loaded with bullfrogs. My method is using a black rubber worm reeled across the moss in front of a big old frog.......deep fried in an iron skillet and served with sweet cornbread.....MAN !!!! .............THE CATKING !!!