Fried Catfish with Swamp Gravy

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    Fried Catfish with Swamp Gravy

    Catfish, cleaned and dressed
    Black pepper

    Wash the fish. Cover in cold water. In a brown paper bag or a gallon
    size zip lock freezer bag, mix cornmeal, salt and pepper. Heat grease
    until it sizzles when water is sprinkled in it. Then add one or two fish
    to the bag of meal at one time. Shake until covered completely. Remove
    fish from bag and drop slowly into hot grease. Fry until golden brown on
    both sides.

    Swamp Gravy

    2 large potatoes, chopped
    1 large onion, chopped
    1 14 oz can whole kernel Corn
    1 28 oz can of crushed red tomatoes
    1 14 oz can cut okra
    1 28 oz can water (use the tomato can to measure)

    Pour grease in which you used to fry Catfish up into old coffee can and
    set aside for the next time you fry fish. Put frying pan back on the
    burner. Heat on high. Add all the ingredients to the drippings in the
    bottom of the frying pan. Add water. Stirring constantly until
    vegetables are done and liquid is thickened.