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Freshwater Drum (Sheephead)

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Lay it on me: the secrets from the pros. Wanna catch more of dem. The woman folk demand it. They like to actually catch fish and I see the sheephead school, sometimes too far away from my castnet, and was wondering a rig that would be appropriate for these beautiful schooling beasts.

Beautiful is a relative term. My dog is beautiful. My girlfriend is beautiful. Flatheads are definitely beautiful.

Maybe I had one too many Guiness.... :glare:

Take care and look forward to hearing from you!

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I used to go out and fish for drum a good bit. We call 'em goos. As in gaspergoo.

Try throwing a silver ratLtrap or crankbait at 'em. I've used cut shad for them too. I've even caught 'em on jigs while trying to catch skipjack. They are a blast to catch! Great fighters!

Good luck!
Throw on a jig tipped with a crawler.
Ditto on the crappie jig/crawler.Also,bring a minnow bucket(empty)wear a crappiethon USA hat,bring along about 10 rods with a few 14 foot noodle rods.Talk aloud often about the big crappie fish fry your having.Discuss the merits of crappie vs. white bass,,

It works for me :):)those drum will be all I catch :cursing:
i thought sheepshead were saltwater fish. i used to catch them in venice florida. man them dudes had some teeth - found out the hard way one day how hard they can bite
Ah,the convict fish wearing their striped uniform.Yummy son-of-a-guns iffin you set the hook before you feel it.
I lip grab all sheephead. No teeth. They have ULTRA-STRONG mouths that can crunch crayfish like buttered popcorn. I have a special place (granted it is probably oozing some vile catfish dip bait, but I digress....) in my heart (and stomach) for those big dudes.

Carp, however, have never gained my favor, and I have proceeded to position themselves in my mind as one thing: bait.

What about tackle for these monsters of fresh water? Spinning, Baitcast? 13 ft rods? Medium Light 9 foot cork rods? What lb test line would be adequate for sheephead fishing ALL DAY? Would 8 lb really hold up to the rigors of their bass-like mouths?

There is always more to learn. I'm highly interested in what y'all have to say'eth.
Phil was refering to saltwater sheepshead,a totally unrelated species to freshwater drum,of which there are saltwater drum,which is also called redfish,and monster black drum,which are unrelated to sheepshead,the saltwater type,that go by the same name as sheepshead for a freshwater drum,..that...uh....where was I mind :confused:

thanks for clearing that up, Cook :confused:

:D i just never heard of a freshwater sheepshead more thing i have learned on the BOC :)
Yeah...good thing that was cleared up. For a minute there I was confused....The sheepshead we catch up here don't have teeth. All in all they are fun to catch.
Just trying to help a brother out :0a10: :0a10:
fished tightline on bottom in eddies works. Another fish that should be kept alive or on ice till you clean em or they will have an off taste.
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