Freezing up with ice.

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    How do you Northern Fishermen keep your reels and rigs from freezing up?

    I am talking about ice as I know about the many things we now have to replace the Great old Sperm Whale Oil inside the reels but nothing to replace it's use on the eyes of the rod,level wind and such.

    It has been a long time since the 60's when I was up North and many things have changed.

    The coldest that I have ever fished in South Georgia was 7 degrees.This was in saltwater with a bad west wind during a Alberta Clipper according to the weather folks.Normally my coldest fishing days have been in the upper to mid teens and they were few.Crappie and the Black fish in the offshore artificial reefs are about all that bite in this temperatures.The lower teens to 32 degrees were more common.

    I really wonder how these level winds do in this weather.My Penns and Alveys did best for me but I still had a time with ice including on my aluminum boat,motors and rods at the lower temperatures.The old metal 5 gallon buckets with sand in the bottom and charcoal were a big help,but is there new things to coat or deice your gear with?

    What reels,rods and line work best.

    Are there modern miracle solutions to this?

    If this is in the wrong spot,will someone please move it.Thanks.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Thats a good question I have never fished when it is that cold because of this and would like an answer too