Freezing Shad

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by MRR, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. MRR

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    When you all catch shad and freeze it for later use ,how do you do it. Put them in zip lock bags ,freeze them in water or what. I have frozen some in zip lock bags but they seem to get soft when thawed out. Any suggestions are deeply appericated.
  2. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    when I freeze shad (rarely I much prefer fresh caught bait) I always vaccume pack them and put them into the deep freeze.

  3. Mr.T

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    They'll freeze better if you put them in a bag while they're still alive and put the bag on ice -- don't let them die swimming in water and don't put them directly on the ice.

    They get mushy when you thaw but not quite as bad if you're careful about freezing them while still fresh and lively.

    But I'd still rather stay home than use frozen bait...
  4. flatheadhunterx

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    South Carolina
    i dry them off while they are still alive and put in a bag and put on ice to get chilled but still dry. then freeze. when thawing them out put on ice to let them thaw and they will not soften near as much. main thing is keep them dry.
  5. badkarma

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    John I all ways put shad on ice stright from the net.Now my wife don't like it but when I get them home I would dump then in the kitchen sink ice and all.Then in the other side of the sink I would pour a little bleach in a sink full of water.Do Not Get Any Water In the Bag!!!! I put what shad I think I'll use in one day in a ziplock bag and hold the bag under water to remove the air from the bag then zip it closed then drop the bag in the bleach water to remove any fishy smell,then lay the bags out flat and freeze them.I did this for years and it works just keep the shad as cold as you can.