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Want some good advice about tournament fishing?

How about some tips on how to keep your hands from ruining your fishing?

Need some advice on drift fishing?

Welll don't miss out on Mac's online seminars. Head on over to the Carolina Catfish Club's section and scroll down the page and find the two online seminar threads (should be the first two threads) and sit back, relax and get ready to learn some new techniques. Don't see something you'd like to read about? Then just ask, Mac has a wealth of information in his head from many, many years of fishing and he's not afraid to share it.

These seminars have produced some great informational material, so we have made a place of honor for Mac and his seminars. In the library there is Mac Byrum's Catfish University. In this section, you'll find many great excerpts from his seminars. This section is for reading only, so don't make any posts there. We've created this area to place this info on permanent display for all members to see, now and in the future. Thanks Mac for providing our members with a ton of great information.
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