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    Titusville Florida
    Good Mornin Viet-Nam!!!!!
    I have officially thrown in the towel from my crappie fishin, seems like it (Spawn) is finally over around here (East Central Fla).
    Am now a certified catfisherman for a few weeks.
    Set out trotline yesterday, went this mornin and gathered it up, got three med bullheads, had a nice channel cat on but something wanted it more than me, there was just a head and backbone left.
    Fished a bit yesterday afternoon when I set out the trotline, only got three little bitty bluegills and a nice mudfish, threw em back.
    After gathering up the trotline this mornin, I fished around a bit, NADA, not even a bite.
    Here are a few pics I took yesterday and this morning.
    Have a nice day,