Fox River/Fox Chain-o-Lakes advice :)

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    I'm a Georgia member that will be visiting my dad who lives on the Fox River just before the Chain-o-Lakes. I was just wondering what to expect (catwise) from there. I know there are some flatheads further down the river near St.Charles from reading the previous threads - but didn't see anything about the Chain-o-Lakes area.

    Are there flatheads or bigger cats up there? Some of those lakes are 40+feet deep so I would assume there are some big cats around. But I'm not sure what to expect.

    If anyone has any info/tips for cats in that area, I would appreciate it :) Perhaps I could return the favor if anyone was ever visiting Georgia hehe.

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    I use to live near these lakes but only been ice fishing them the last couple years. Anyways I can tell you there are lot of Channell catfish and some channell/blue mix if there is such a thing. I have really good luck on cut drum/sheephead #1 bait and also throw out a couple leeches with bobber. With the leeches you will catch a couple cat and also have a chance at a nice walleye. Try the spot where the Fox River connects to the 1st lake. I forget the name of the 1st lake though but I do know there is a park where you can launch and fish right there mostley in the river up 2 the 1st bend down to the lake. I have had my best luck there. The biggest cat Ive caught around there 15-20 pounds. Hope this helps.


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